Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why Hubert Lindsey, a Gentile preacher of Christ taught from the Jewish perspective...

Hubert Lindsey learned and taught the Bible from a Jewish perspective. Hubert’s right division of the Bible made the subject of Israel interesting to all and showed the importance of "literal Israel' . He captivated audiences with deep explanations of Gods Promises, God’s Prophecies, and God’s Priesthood... all of which dealt specifically with the nation of Israel. If you ever heard Brother Lindsey preach you’d understand why he was considered to be a scholar on the Jewish perspective of the Bible. Brother Lindsey had what seemed to be an unlimited amount of knowledge on the "Torah" which is God’s Divine Law given to Israel. Hubert Lindsey taught that anyone who studied the Bible would learn the depth of "literal Israel". Huberts position on literal Israel undermined to the concept of Spiritual Israel that leans more to spiritualization of the Bible. Literal Israel is the major focal point of the Holy Scriptures.

All of God’s Promises, all of God’s Prophecies, and God’s complete Priesthood are directly related to the Hebrew nation... that birthed Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob which means (Israel in Hebrew). Israel is the homeland of the Promised Messiah. Jerusalem is the city where Christ will reign on the Throne of David at His second appearing. Hubert Lindsey defined why the Jewish heritage was so important to every student of the Bible. Hubert’s knowledge of the Torah and vast memory allowed him to simplify the complexity of God’s Divine Law; and the 613 commandments given to Israel. "All of which were the greatest set of morals ever given to the human family". Hubert explained with clarity how Christ was born Jewish and why Christ taught Jewish Law during His earthly ministry. Brother Lindsey’s messages always clarified why Christ brought the Kingdom message to the lost sheep if Israel and forbid the Apostles to go to the Gentiles and Samaritans.

Hubert’s New Testament knowledge taught the Gospel according to the Prophets and how the Gospel came first through the nation of Israel. He taught all the Apostles were Jewish even those who carried the Gospel message... to the Gentile world, after the death of Christ.

More to follow a blog on how Brother Lindsey was tutored by a Rabbi...and later won that Rabbi to Christ through the truth of a Messianic Prophecy given to Israel in Genesis 49:19. I recently made that post to .

Rick Roehm


  1. As believers we must remember that the only scriptures the Apostles had when they went out to the world was the "old" testament record. This is why the Apostle Paul in 1Cor 15:1 tells us we are saved if we keep in memory how Christ died accoring to the scriptures and how he rose the third day according to the scriptures. I do not preach the teachnings of Christ (law of Moses) for victory but instead the person of our Lord Jesus for in him we have victory !!

  2. Thank you. How much of that can I steal and still be sanctified? Seriously I appreciate a good pencil and I'm glad you kept yours sharp. You made a remark, "..there are many reasons for a man to stop sinning.." Not direct sorry. For me it is loyalty. I take an illustration from sports. A true fan knows his favorite players stats and will by no means let it be misrepresented. I feel that way about Christ. To know Him is to love him and hold his name and character dear. Thanks again much luv, an old soldier bro. joe