Friday, August 2, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

In Christ...your position in life

Being in Christ is the best position you can be in...on this side of Heaven. Conscious to His presence. Subject to His authority. Obedient to do His will. In any country. Around any religion. Your whole life...until you leave this world. Recognizing and being subject to Christ.

Some people will tell can't stay in Christ all the time. God says you can. The Bible says you can. Staying in Christ is the blessed life of a Christian. Staying Christ is an obedience regulated by your faith in Him. Staying in Christ will allow you to deal with every circumstance in life with confidence that Christ will provide your need.

Faith puts you "in" Christ. Faith keeps you in Christ. Faith allows you to be faithful to Christ...every minute, every hour, every day...with joy, peace and contentment. The Holy Spirit provides every ounce of power needed for a faithful man to have a holy heart. Unfaithfulness to Christ puts you on the outside looking in. Being in Christ is being on the inside looking out. The best life is to be inside of Christ (under His hand) looking out. Keep it that way and be blessed.

Holiness is the essence of being in Christ. Unholiness is not. Don't let the ways of the world rob you from contentment and peace that comes from being Christ. You are given a holy heart when your sins are forgiven. Live a holy life and "stay" in Christ. Don't weave in and out of Christ. Very dangerous. When you're in Christ you will live, act, and behave like a Christian. Don't let anyone or other religions tell you otherwise. A clean heart is a holy heart. A holy heart is the heart of those in Christ.

The holiness of a child of God is the blessing found from being in Christ. Christ is a person. His power given to you is enough to keep you on the mark every step of the way through life. The holy heart and the holy life are found when you're "in Christ". Keep yourself in Christ. Keep yourself subject to His presence. Recognize what He did for you 2000 years ago but most of all recognize His person, His power, and His presence "now". Staying in Christ is not automatic. Unfaithfulness steers you out of Christ. Staying in Christ requires faithfulness and obedience...from you.

Being in Christ and keeping yourself in Christ is being a true Christian. What a great position to have! Try it for 30-50 years and then you'll see what contentment really is! Stay in Christ and tell the world about Christ. He is coming soon. When you're in're always ready! Even when you're asleep! What a great position to be in! What a great position to have in life!