Thursday, September 30, 2010

The natural man

A frail voice from Britthaven nursing home in Raliegh, NC was the voice for Christ before Brother Lindsey passed. I looked forward to our frequent phone conversations about the things of God and the truth of His Word. Brother Lindsey's compassionate heart and knowledge about Christ left an impact on this writer that will never be forgotten. That was one of the things that prompted this Blog.

I remember on one occasion, Brother Lindsey quoting the scripture verse about the "natural man". Brother Lindsey carried this heartfelt conviction and belief with him all the way into eternity. His frail yet authoritative voice stated the following verse...

1 Cor 2:14...But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

That day I realized a natural man was not a spiritual man. A natural man doesn't have Christ in his heart. A natural man does not receive things from the Spirit of God. To be honest spiritual things are foolishness to a natural man. A natural man has no knowledge of deliverance from sin nor does he know anything about having a clean heart.

Being able to understand and distinguish what is spiritual and what is not spiritual has been one of the greatest blessings this writer has ever received in this life. In 2010 I am honored to be a child of God led by the Spirit of God. I am honored that Brother Lindsey had enough holy boldness to tell this writer the truth about what a child of God really was. I have cherished those talks and conversations from Brother Lindsey for many years as they have built this writer up in the faith that I have in Jesus Christ. I have always trusted the message that Brother Lindsey preached for Christ. God honored that preaching as Brother Lindsey simply led me to believe and trust more in the Christ he served.

So many times Brother Lindsey brought the word of knowledge to this writer. He taught me the contrast between fallen man and the power of a resurrected Saviour. Yes, I remember vividly that frail voice describing the "natural man" as taught in the Bible. Today in my personal ministry I see the natural man in the world I live in. I've witnessed spiritual men going back to their natural state as they fell into sin, left Christ, and had their conscience seared like with the hot iron. The natural man is hopeless and without strength to overcome sin. He is a fallen being destitute of truth and righteousness that comes from the person of Christ that saves us. The natural man will even reject the truth about Christ because he imagines that it is foolishness or that man cannot have a holy heart or live a holy life. A natural man grows to enjoy the pleasure of sin and wrongful living above obedience and right-standing with God. A natural man is without the Spirit of Holiness.

This blog site is dedicated to Brother Lindsey's ministry for Christ. That ministry still impacts lives today in 2010. I respect the fact that Brother Lindsey taught this writer how to be a full time believer and not a part time believer. Brother Lindsey did not teach sinning religion...he taught that Christians were "full time" spiritual men and not natural upon occasion. The great contrast that he taught was that a natural man was fallen before the new birth. After the new birth man was no longer fallen he became, saved by the Grace of God. The believer in Christ becomes a spiritual man who lives, walks, and talks the Spirit life of a child of God.

The natural man is made a spiritual man when Christ is found in the human soul. I thank God for those little and simple conversations with Brother Lindsey. I look forward to sharing Eternity in Heaven with Brother Lindsey when I leave this life. Until then I will serve the Lord with a whole heart and always remember the impact that Brother Lindsey had on this writers life.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our message is going around the World

Before Brother Lindsey died him and I conversed often. We discussed this Gospel and the depth of the knowledge that is behind this great teaching

As you know from reviewing our site the depth of knowledge we have about Christ has alot to do with our faith. At the Churches on Trial we put alot of good food on the table. I once asked Brother Lindsey what to do with all this knowledge. He responded, "Scatter it".

Little did either of us know that this great truth would be publicized around the globe just five years later. I have published much of this audio material but I have "alot more" to publish. Perhaps that will be my Winter Homework assignment for Christ.

I'd like to thank all of you for coming to our site via Internet. Brother Lindsey would be honored if he were still with us. I know Christ is honored. Spread this truth through Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Canada, Taiwan, China, etc.

I Rick Roehm love all of you and appreciate you taking time to stop in and share the Christ of our Salvation. We do not do this work for Christ for a profit, we do it because we love Christ. Help us to scatter this material around the world as we take a stand for a Christ that not only died but who is risen and exalted at the right hand of Father. We stand for the holiness of God and right living in 2010.

May Christianity prevail in this cold dark world. More audios coming...but be sure to listen to all the audios/videos we already have posted here at the Churches on Trial,, Tangle, youtube, photobucket, and many others. All for the glory of Christ. We thank God for the ministry of Brother Hubert Lindsey left behind for us to carry on until we die or Christ returns in the Rapture.

With love,
Rick Roehm a sevant for Christ
PS...if your life was effected by this ministry or the ministry of Hubert Lindsey please send us your testimony and it will be posted on this site for the Glory of Christ. Christ is behind this ministry. People need to hear about it!