Saturday, January 30, 2010

Devices the Devil uses to "blind" and "entertain" ...the minds of men

How tragic it is to see the influences of drugs, alcohol, and gambling today! In our modern society...(even part of the Church World) The Devil has a field day with these kind of "devices". Here's a for instance.

Mood altering drugs in general (when I speak of drugs I speak of pleasure drugs) as they consume the minds of men. Alcohol use whether in moderation or in excess consumes the minds of men. Gambling for pleasure or entertainment...consumes the minds of men. These things consume men just enough to keep them away from Christ in the beginning, and later they take men, further, and further, and further away...sometimes to a point of no return.

The reason I mention the Devil today (in this Blog) is because the Devil is the God of this Age. The word "world" in the following verse (which is aion in the Greek) means Age in the English Bible.

2 Cor 4:4...In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

The Devil uses certain worldly devices to influence the minds of men and to blind them to the truth about Christ. Only a few of these devices are drugs, alcohol, and gambling. As long as people are consumed and have their minds entertained with any of these outside of the Spirit of Christ, the Devil has a foot hold. These evil devices keep people entertained and influenced enough to miss the Christ I live and breath for! The Devil and his devices work on the the human mind. The Devil can blind minds and take over men with many outside influences. Look around society and you'll see what I'm talking about! Its no secret in society! It may even be close to your own life or your own home! The Devil uses worldly devices to blind and control peoples minds. Drugs, alcohol, and gambling are just easy tools for the Devil to entertain with!

No man realizes the detrimental affect that drugs, alcohol, and gambling can have over the course of years of use. The longer people do these things, the more callous they become to the truth about Christ! Yes, the Devil has it made with these evil devices rampant and legalized in our society! These devices I write about are even condoned in the public eye. These evil devices are legal, socially acceptable, and backed by the God of this Age...the Devil himself!

GLORY! The Christ we preach at the Churches on Trial... has the power to break the yoke of drug and alcohol addiction. The Christ we preach has power to get peoples attention and to change the way they think, act, and behave! The Christ we witness and testify can remove the blinders from the sinful worlds eyes. The Christ I preach can take away the Devil's deception of being entertained with these evil pleasures of life. These foolish pleasures lead to BIG problems too! I'm sure you can relate!

This ministry doesn't keep its eyes on the problems of life as much as it keeps its eyes on "Christ the problem solver!" The Devil has it made blinding peoples minds with drugs and alcohol. Rick Roehm has it made because he has Christ who delivers men from "all" these diabolical devices! I stand for Christ in an evil and adulterous generation! Nothing can sway me! Nothing can teach me otherwise! I stand for the person of Christ who lives, forgives from sin, and gives men victory over the Devils evil devices! This Christ I represent... causes people to change their minds! The person of Christ I speak of shines through sin and cleanses the human soul and thinking! Christ turns men from evil and enables them to live holy with godly desires. Christ makes men over comers to this world! Christ shines through the light of the glorious Gospel I preach. Christ reproves the unfruitful powers of darkness. The Devil has to flee from Christ! Why? The Devil has been judged and must be subject to the authority of Christ! GLORY!

Christ has made me immovable in Him! The Devil will never have Rick Roehm back! Not with his devices or with the pleasures that he can offer! I'm satisfied with Christ! He has made me happy! He has made me glad! Christ made me to preach against the unfruitful powers of darkness I write about in this Blog. I feel sorry for people who are controlled by the Devils devices! They need Christ! The can be controlled by Christ just like Rick Roehm. All people need is the better life Christ offers from the Throneroom. That better life can only be testified by people who have it! If you have it, people need to hear our testimony Brother and Sisters! They need to see our stand for the most pure form of holiness that's offered from Heaven. That's the life in Christ, freed from all sin and disobedient conduct! Especially the Devils devices! With strength and power to overcome the Devils devices rather than to be defeated by their influences! All I can say in my heart is, "GLORY!" GLORY! GLORY! Don't give place to the Devil! Put on the full armor! GLORY! That armor is Christ! GLORY!

This Blog came to my heart this morning around 3:30AM as I meditated fervently until about 6:30AM. Then I wrote this. May it bless you as much as it has this writer!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Awake to righteousness and sin not! For some have not the knowledge of God.

There are many people today (including Christians) that don't understand that people can live a life of holiness and right standing with God everyday of their existence. When I say this I mean people can live without sin or sinful conduct in the eyes of God. Perhaps some don't understand that man's works toward righteousness "under Law" was not a victorious life but a struggle to keep Divine Law. Maybe they don't understand that righteousness by Grace is not a struggle or man's attempt to reach a certain plateau, "It's a God given the power to do right, to walk worthy, and to be obedient to God everyday of your life". It's Divine power from Christ our Savior to, "Sin not" and to live a holy life. Awakening to righteousness is awakening to the fact that our righteousness under Grace is not what we do...but what our Savior grants and bestows upon us by the Grace and Mercies of God from Calvary. God wants people to "know" this in their minds and hearts. Many people today miss this blessed truth and live a life of defeat rather that victory in their walk with God in everyday living. At the Churches on Trial we teach that Christians can live a life of victory over sin with a victory over sinful conduct...everyday of their Christian life until they die or until they are Raptured. To sin not means this very thing...Christians don't have to sin. Sin is not essential in the heart of a child of God. Christians can sin...but they don't have to. Why? Christ gives members of His church, power... to quit sin completely!

Some people don't fully realize they are still living under the struggle of keeping the Law of Moses rather than having the power to do right under the Grace of God we now have in the Church, the body of Christ. We now can have the Holy Spirit's sanctifying power in our hearts and lives. Sanctifying power simply gives us a desire to be holy, right, and without sin in the eyes of a living God. Much of the modern deception that teaches wavering faith, or walking in the flesh, or struggling to keep Law is caused from living in the past tense teachings of Bible. What they are taught is often a theology in the Law of Moses or the Kingdom Age (in the four Gospels) rather than the bliss of the Grace Age that Christians are now entitled to (since the death of our Saviour on the cross). To be honest with you, many Christians today live in Israel's struggle and their inability to keep the Law of Moses, rather than the blessing of the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit that can "totally" possess a Christian's heart and actions on this side of Heaven. That statement is sad for me to say, but very much true!

Awakening to righteousness is awakening to Christ and his God given righteousness...NOT OUR ATTEMPT TO DO RIGHT UNDER THE LAW WHICH THUS PROVES OUR INABILITY TO KEEP THE LAW BECAUSE ISRAEL FAILED! Righteousness by Grace is a God given righteousness for the Christian to SIN NOT! Righteousness under Grace is not a human struggle like keeping the Law of Moses! Righteousness under Grace is a gift created at Calvary and now given to us today from the Throneroom! GLORY!

There are some people who say we can never have complete victory over sin! They are wrong in their thinking and lack understanding of the truth about God! The New Testament teaches that Christians "have" victory over sin! Every day of their life in Christ. People living a defeated life are living under man's struggle to keep the Law like Israel did when they went into captivity for 70 years; or when Israel murmured in the wilderness after God brought them through the Red Sea; or when Israel rejected Christ during His Earthly ministry. Man's own inability will cause him to fail God! Man's own inability will struggle to live up to the standard of the holiness of the Law of Moses. God knew about man's inability so He sent His son to die which in turn sent the blessing of the Holy Spirit upon us in the Church today. GLORY!

Today, under Grace our faith is not based on what we do...its based on what Christ did and what He's doing right now in our hearts from the Throneroom. Christ's living power in your heart can give you "all" the holiness you need in this life to live without sin. This is an awakening to righteousness... but not your own righteousness...its Christ's righteousness given to you from Heaven. Glory! It's Christ's power in your heart to do right and live right. It's a greater blessing than man attempting to keep Law of's the righteousness of the Law "fulfilled" in our hearts by a living Christ. Romans 8:3-6

I admit some people don't know that Christians are supposed to live without sin! Some people don't want to know either! Others are so wrapped up in their theology of living under Law they never enjoy the bliss of the Grace Age taught in the New Testament Epistles. It's sad that people don't "know" the fullness of God's Blessing which allows them to live holy and without sin! It's sad that so many miss the fullness of God's Blessing which is the beginning of a life without sin and disobedience to God. Only life in Christ offers this kind of peace and contentment without wavering. Only this kind of life in Christ can take away the struggle of a back and forth life in and out of sin and Salvation. A life of victory over sin... is freedom brother! It's definately something God wants us to teach at the Churches on Trial. I feel so sorry for those who don't know these things about God. God want's us to know this truth but for many reasons so many miss this great wealth of knowledge. It is this writers desire with love... that all come to the knowledge of the truth about what God gives the members of His body. Examine the following verse closely...

1 Cor 15:34... Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God:

Notice, it said that some have not the knowledge of God. That some is who I write to today! This knowledge that Paul speaks of, is a knowledge to know that God can get you to the righteousness of Grace where the believer has no desire to sin. This righteousness is a place where religious people will quit their meanness, and quit practicing sinful conduct! They will awake to a God given righteousness and sin not! Why? They will "know"! They will know. They will know the holiness of Christ. Glory! They will know that Christ gives them victory over sin. Therefore they will...

1 Cor 15:34... Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sinful men are criminal in the eyes of God. They are guilty until they are "declared" innocent by God Almighty

Sinful men are lawbreakers.

1 John 3:4... Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.

Christians are not lawbreakers. What is the Law of God that Christians obey today present tense? The Law of the Spirit.

Rom 8:22... For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

Christians are pardoned from the penalty of sin through trust alone in the shed blood of Christ for personal forgiveness. Simply put, "God's pardon allows Christians to mind the Spirit of God by faith and obedience to Christ". This is why God teaches believers to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh.

Gal 5:16...Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

If Christian's were violators against the Law of God they would also be criminal in the eyes of God. Criminals are convicts! Christians are converts!

Are you a convict or a convert in the eyes of God? Have you been freed from all criminal activity and conduct in the eyes of God? Has the Spirit of God given you power to overcome breaking God's Divine Law? Lawbreakers and violators of Divine Law are without this power I speak of. What is this power that converts a criminal in the eyes of God?

It's the power of a resurrected Christ received by faith! To as many as receive Him to them gave He power...

John 1:12...but as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God

1 Peter 1:4-5...for you, who are kept by the power of God through faith

Holy men do right! Holy men have power to do right! Holy men do not desire to do wrong! Holy men are conscious to this Christ I speak of. You can live with a consciousness to Christ's power and presence in your life every day of your existence. Holy men are not lawbreakers like the world tells you! Holy men are not criminal in the eyes of God! That's a deception! Holy men do not violate God's law! Why? Holy men have power and strength given from Christ.

Acts shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you:

Has the Holy Ghost come upon you? Glory! Is He that's in you greater than he that's in the world? Are you an overcomer? Are you tossing with lawlessness and rebellion? I'm here to tell you and show you that with Christ there is a better way and a better life than being tossed to and fro. Recognize Christ's power and presence in your life...daily. He gives the victory. He gives the pardon! He converts the soul! He gives power to the weak! He keeps us steady! He is our anchor of hope. He converts sinful men and makes them converts! When the conversion is made the world will see it and you will testify to it! Then it won't be just Rick Roehm saying it, "It will be you".