Monday, July 11, 2011

Overcome the dangers of life with Christ

Children of God are blessed with a consciousness to the presence of Christ. Belief and trust in Christ gives children of God an assurance they are taken care of through every condition in life. Children of God also face dangers in this life. They must be cautious about worldly  they walk with Christ.

The Devil still lurks to destroy the child of God's walk with Christ. The world we live in... is in total opposition to the life of a believer in Christ. The world accepts disobedient conduct such as drinking, drug use, gambling, lying thats OK, etc. The world says its OK, we're only human. The Bible says to, "Walk in the Spirit not in the flesh". The reason for walking in the Spirit is to keep your heart and life in harmony with the presence of Christ. Without compromise.

Compromise is dangerous. Compromise to the world is even more dangerous. Compromise to temptation is dangerous. The world we live in can "destroy" the walk of a believer as it subtly teaches compromise to the point that the child of God "throws in the towel" and gives into the worldly way of thinking. The Devil wants the marriages to be wrecked. The world hates the light and loves darkness. Without truth the world can teach a lie and some will believe it.

Don't be deceived. The world, the flesh, and the Devil are out to tear down and destroy the child of God. The world hates the child of God. Opposition against the truth will never cease. Love not the world. Don't be conformed to the world. This is where the test comes in. It's called the trying of your faith or going through the fire. Recognize the dangers caused from worldly opposition. Trust the Lord for everything in life. Keep your heart clean and holy. Walk in the Spirit...not in the flesh. The world cannot harm you if you depend on Christ. The Devil has to flee if you depend on Christ. Truth prevails as opposition diminishes. Glory!

The witness in your heart will keep you from faltering. A child of God lacks nothing concerning the dangers they encounter. Do not deviate from the truth. If you do your life will go out of order and the world can creep in. Your association with Christian people can change. Dangers multiply and then comes sin. When sin is found condemnation comes upon the human soul. Consciousness to peace found in the person of Christ...becomes misery. The joy that comes from Christ is lost and contentment is nowhere be found.

Keep yourself pure. Avoid the heaviness and condemnation that comes from sin. Stay steady and right in the eyes of God. Avoid the dangers of the world. When tempted turn to Jesus. Keep the flesh in subjection to a life of obedience found only in Christ. No compromise. When in doubt about safe. Don't do it unless God permit. Husbands love your wives. Wives love your husbands. Marriage is honorable in the eyes of God. Christians are overcomers. Christians are more than conquerors. Christians are winners! Glory! The gates of hell "cannot" prevail. Why? Christ is your Saviour.