Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hubert T. Lindsey...Ashes of a Red Heifer...#3 of 6

This profound teaching by Brother Lindsey was originally recorded in 1985 at a Revival Service in Florida. This audio is one of a six audio series that contains in depth and prophetic teaching on the subject of Israel's mystical Ashes of a Red Heifer. At present, these Ashes and the Red Heifer are currently being sought by Jewish leaders, in effort to restore and rebuild the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The Internet has opened doors and is now allowing these Spirit filled and God sent messages to reach people across the globe for the cause of Christ. This audio is over 60 minutes long and contains a vast amount of unusual and true Biblical knowledge.

Hubert Lindsey was a Bible scholar and was personally tutored by a Jewish Rabbi for 15 years. As a Spirit filled minister Brother Lindsey could simplify Daniel's Prophecies and John's Book of Revelation and could tie them together and make them so simple..that a child could understand. In the contents of this profound series of audios Brother Lindsey clarifies controversial issues about the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple that is questioned by thousands of people around the globe.

Brother Lindsey left this God sent material (on audio) to win lost men and women to Christ before the Rapture of the Church comes. It has been my pleasure for 25 years to continue reviving these timeless messages. I thank God for Brother James Allen who also assists this preacher with the publication of these Hubert Lindsey audios.The Churches on Trial Blog has been used for this ministry for the past couple of years. We at the Churches on Trial thank God for the opportunity to continue this blessed work that Brother Lindsey placed onto audio in effort to bring clarification from the Word of God to many students of the Bible around the world.

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Ashes of a Red Heifer