Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fresh in Christ, fresh in the Word, and fresh in the Spirit

Stale faith leads to drifting away from Christ over the course of life. Lack of learning, hearing, or being taught God's Word causes faith to weaken or to be slighted. Vulnerability to world, the flesh, and or the Devil can persist to the point of losing faith, or failing Christ.

There is a better life by staying fresh and conscious to the presence of Christ. The better life is accompanied by learning and growing in knowledge through the truth of God's Word. Keep God's Word fresh and alive in your soul and life. The better life is to stay fresh and vibrant in the Spirit every day of your life...maybe the prayer of thanksgiving at mealtime.

Fresh in Christ throughout you whole life, daily,and even hourly. Fresh Christianity. Fresh walk with God. Fresh truth to build faith in. Fresh and vibrant with effectual meaning. No turning back. Ashamed of the old life and the old man. Freshness keeps things from going stale or stagnant.

Staying fresh in the Word allows you to realize the affect that the Spirit of God has on men of faith. Freshness is the secret to being an overcomer. Freshness is the secret to remain strong in the faith. Freshness is what makes men immovable, steadfast, rooted, and grounded in Christ. Every day Christ should be fresh and real to your thinking. Every day the Word should have an affect on your soul and life. Every day your walk in the Spirit should be fresh and strong.

Christianity should be as fresh after 15-20 years as it was the day you got saved. Realization of forgiveness of sins at Salvation should be a conscious way of life. These things keep everything fresh and true.