Monday, February 23, 2009

How do Christian Blogs relate to Christian preaching?

In this Millenium (2009) Blogging has become another way of communicating God's Word. I see Christian Blogging becoming more popular each day of my life. I'm 55 years young! Granted, Blogging can never be actual preaching...but!!! actual preaching can be made into Blogs. That's the intent of this Blog! To publish in writing and on audio what Brother Lindsey desired to do...and that's to preach the Gospel in all the World. WOW! What better place than the Internet!

It is this writer's intent to "REVIVE" many of Hubert Lindsey's timeless messages of Biblical Truth and Holiness. Those messages will range from audio teachings that were recorded by Brother Lindsey for 25+ years on audio cassettes and have been collected and put onto CD by this writer: to Church services that were recorded at the Church at Birmingham (Birmingham MI); and of course Radio Broadcasts recorded from the Churches on Trial.

Perhaps this Blogger will also post his own documents that also coincide with all of Brother Lindsey's timeless messages of Bible Truth. I told Brother Lindsey I would carry on his ministry by the Grace of God. I'm looking forward to it because I know Brother Lindsey wanted it done. So does this writer/preacher...for the Glory of Christ. Many blessings to all of our readers...

Rick Roehm

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