Friday, August 13, 2010

The Holy Spirit deals with the negative side of life

The ministry of the Holy Spirit was given by Christ to deal with the negative side of life and the negative side of man who is a fallen being. The Holy Spirit came to.."reprove" man of sin and righteousness. The Bible says the goodness of God leads man to repentance or to a place where sinful man changes his mind and turns to a Saviour. What causes sinful man to change his mind? The work of the Holy Spirit in the human soul. God can break the human will of a fallen man and cause him to turn to Christ for forgiveness and Salvation. When the Jews heard Peter preach in Acts 2...their hearts were "pricked" because of the convicting work of the Holy Spirit that came through the Gospel message Peter was preaching. This is how the Holy Spirit deals with the negative side of life and the negative side of man. This is the power of ministry of the Spirit that comes from the Gospel Christ commanded us to preach. This is the power of God in Salvation that "breaks" the rebellious will of sinful man and puts him in a place of godly sorrow. The Bible teaches man is morally depraved and corrupt. Scriptures teach man is evil from is youth. A baby speaks lies after they grow up to and age of accountability. David said in sin his mother conceived him. Sin dominates a man before he repents and turns to Christ. The Holy Spirit was given not only to reprove the negative side of man but also to "regenerate" his make-up into a child of God.

Regeneration is the new birth. Regeneration is the work of the Holy Spirit that morally changes man into a new creature holy and right in the eyes of God. This spiritual experience follows the forgiveness of sins and gives man the power to do right in the presence of God. This new divine nature is greater than the old carnal nature because its given by the power God's Divine Grace. Divine Grace is the power of holiness and eternity given from Heaven from Christ. For this cause Christ died on the cross and the power of the Spirit of holiness that rose Christ from the grave is the same power of the Holy Spirit that gives man a desire to quit sinning with the ability to live holy and right. The work of the Holy Spirit in the new birth is among the greatest of blessings that man can ever receive in this life. For this cause Christ died at Calvary and rose the third day.

The work of the Holy Spirit "testifies" Christ to the heart of man. This ministry comes by hearing the word of faith contained in the Gospel message. The Gospel allows the Spirit of Holiness to minister to hearts of all listeners. Faith comes by hearing the Gospel message. The Holy Spirit ministers "truth" to the heart. God draws men to Him through the the Gospel message. Simply put, "Throught the Gospel message the Holy Spirit shows man what he really is in light of the supremacy of Christ that is manifested in the preaching. As the Holy Spirit makes Christ known to the mind and thinking of a believer "death to self" is also revealed in light of Calvary.

In the first work of the Spirit upon sinful man God shows this person the guilt of sin and the necessity to find forgiveness that only comes because of what Christ did for that individual personally. In the work of the Holy Spirit that testifies Christ in the life of a believer man realizes what he really is in light of Christ. When realization finally sinks in... the beleiver will die to "all" that he is. The Spirit of God deals with the negative side of mans heart and shows him how to "crucify the Old Man".

Crucifixion of self takes place when man is melted to nothingness. When man accepts the fact that he is helpless and hopeless without Christ he will die to self. Death to self will take place. Crucifixion is the Holy Spirit's power and presence that makes Christ known to the negative part of the believer's heart that still tries to rule. Simply put, "When man sees who Christ is he will realize that he himself is nothing... without the power of a resurrected Christ". Death to self allows Christ to have complete control of your actions and character. This likewise is the sanctifying work of the baptism with the Holy Spirit in your heart and life. This work of the Holy Spirit is not a process...its an experience of renewal that follows death to the Old Adam.

All said and written above to say one thing, "It's the Spirit of God that causes repentance, conviction, regeneration, crucifixion to self, and sanctification". The ministry of the Holy Spirit is why Christ commanded us to preach the Gospel. The Gospel message allows the ministry of the Holy Spirit to deal with the negative side of life. Glory! That's why Christ sent the Spirit of Truth to make Him known! Glory! The world cannot receive Christ unless the Spirit of God breaks the will of a sinful man enough to turn this man to Christ.

John 14:17...Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him:

Glory! Let the name of Christ be known! The Spirit of God will testify Christ to their hearts. Tell the world about Christ! The power of the Holy Spirit is behind your preaching!

John 15:26... But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fellowship on the Internet and at the Upper Room last night

I realize I have been slighting this Blog for a while. One reason is because I've been blogging at publicizing a message of truth that was left to us by Brother Lindsey before he passed. Most of those Blogs were about the Kingdom Message to Israel and were posted at both Blogs for future reference. Brother Lindsey left us so much learning material about the Bible that it takes vast time to put this all into order. God has blessed this writer with a system of writing, blogging, order to help other people study God's Word. That system I am publicizing over the Internet and I didn't develope it. It came from Brother Lindsey's vast archive of teaching material that was left behind for us. It's simply a systematic theology for those who desire to go the extra mile..studying God's Word. More info will be posted about this subject in the future. So please check out our future Blogs! Anyway here's whats been happening at our Church that God built...

Our Church in Williamsburg Ohio is such a blessing! Our fellowship is in the Spirit and based on love and unity. The crowd is getting bigger. The Word always comes forth and helps us grow our faith in Jesus. Jimmy Allen quoted scripture. Deanna memorized a verse and brought us a couple of songs learned at Vacation Bible School. Chasity had her glasses so she read our passage of Scripture. Casey Smith brought us some nice guitar music to meditate on Christ with. Our prayers went out to the one who answers them. It's just such a blessing to know God is behind us with great power and authority! Glory to His name!