Saturday, June 5, 2010

Holy, Healthy, and Happy...

I learned the above title from Brother Lindsey 23 years ago. Thankfully, God supports this truth with the blessing of the Christian Walk. I'm so glad to be a child of God. God, through Christ has blessed this preacher for 23 years with a joyous and happy life. Because of Christ I found contentment that the world couldn't offer Rick Roehm. I was so blind...but now I can see. Glory!

Isn't it beautiful that Christ can make you a winner instead of a loser? Isn't it beautiful that Christ can deliver man from bad habits and addiction? Isn't beautiful that joy becomes reality in the heart and life of a believer in Christ? Isn't beautiful to know there is an "up" side of life and that up side is the holy life in this life...and then Heaven when we leave this world. Glory!

Isn't beautiful to know God can give us victory through a Christ that not only saves..but also governs and controls our lives between the cradle and the grave?

I write these words because the world teaches defeat, struggle, depression, the dark side, financial woes , problems, stress, worry and so much more...but Christ teaches that you can have victory over these conditions and circumstances. Christ gives us a way out! Christ delivers! Christ meets our needs! Christ takes care of our needs! Christ is the "up side" of life. Christ is where real contentment is found. Christ is our hope and victory of these adverse conditions of life.

This Blog and my personal ministry for Christ is one that teaches people how live with adverse conditions of life...but to have Christ given victory over these adverse conditions. This is the better life where Christ is in control...not Rick Roehm. Glory!

I'm glad to testify that you can be holy in Christ! Healthy in Christ and Happy in Christ! Real contentment...real joy...and real happiness comes standing with certainty that Christ owns you completely. All that you were, all that you are, and all that you're ever going to be! Are you sold out? Are you holy? Healthy? Happy? If you are, "You've got it made" Rick Roehm.

I encourage all of you to give all to Christ. Let him have your heart, life and ministry. Goodbye world...hello Jesus! Keep me! There is no other way! Glory!

All Christians can be holy, healthy, and happy. I'm Glad God used Brother Lindsey to get this writers attention! Glory! Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Open Air Preaching, from the Upper Room Ministry...after the Fish Fry Sunday

After our Sunday Fish Fry/Fellowship at the Upper Room we all decided to have service the Open Air. A Beautiful Service with special anointing! The Ministry of the Holy Spirit...Yes! People were touched! So was the Preacher!

Our own future Devil fighter (my four year old Grandson, Christen) was there among the audience. Every eye, every ear, and every heart was focused on the Preacher's Gospel.

In the middle of the service I asked Christen if he was praying for His mom and dad and he informed me, "Yes". Something happened! God touched a heart! His father was touched by the Spirit! Godly sorrow came on that father for two days! I got the report today! Something happened at that service! God used little Christen to minster to his father. The father was in sorrow and repentance for two days...touched by God! Touched by the ministry of the Spirit through his son! What a blessing!

I was touched when my daughter shared that testimony with me this morning! Two days later! God's Spirit at work. Changing hearts and His own time, in His own way, for His Glory!

This preacher didn't realize what happened until my daughter told me! I was so blessed! I thanked God! I realized this is how God works according to His understanding and not the preachers.

I shared this testimony with a Brother in Nashville, John Alvarez who is a Christian Minister, Musician for Christ, and also a Psalmist. John was touched! John told me he was inspired! He said he heard the melody in his mind. I suggested a title called, " A tear touching lullaby" that I came up with after talking with my daughter Chasity this morning!

Anyway here is a real life event with the true and living God at work! Blessed be his holy name!

I'll keep you posted with the future outcome. To God be the glory! Brother Lindsey would be blessed!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why Holiness? Holy Hubert taught it until he died.

I've often wondered many times why Brother Lindsey taught holiness the way he did until he died. As you all know the subject of holiness goes against the grain of our modern religious teachings.

Did you ever personally wonder why Christians are to be "holy?" Holiness is right in the eyes of God. When you have a clean heart you're holy. When you live holy...God is able to meet every need of your life. With holiness your joy will become "full". Glory! You're settled in Christ!

The settled heart "knows that every sin is forgiven".
The settled heart has a clear conscience in the presence of God.
The settled heart is a happy heart.
The settled heart allows the Spirit of God to have full sway.
The settled heart "knows" Jesus.

The holy heart never gives place to the Devil.

The religious world says man cannot live holy! Thats the biggest "lie" ever told. The Bible says without holiness no man shall see the Lord!

The reasons "Why Holiness?" are many.

Rom 8:32...He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

Notice Paul said, "God freely gives us all things". To freely give. To freely give. To freeely give. I like that! God "freely gives what we need if we're children of God". Children of God are holy! In Christ, God makes believers that way!