Friday, June 2, 2017

We advocate free Bible Truth

Our ministry and teaching goes around the globe only for the cause of Christ. We are not in it for money or profit.

The teachings offered here were given to men to share with others....for the advancement of Christianity and the person of Christ.

So much to be done for Christ. Learn with us . Grow with us.

We offer a simple system that teaches straight Bible. Check it out at this site. Audios, videos, and extensive teaching documents are available.

God Bless! Do it for Jesus. We do!

Rick Roehm

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Excellent library of Theology

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Type in Biblical Word of your choice.
Search.... pulls up all past Blogs within this site on subject matter requested.

This library is for you.
God developed and Spirit filled.
Enhances Biblical understanding.
Confirmed by the Spirit of Truth.

Better days coming.
Walk with Christ.
Do those things pleasing in His sight.

Learn the Word.
Meditate on the Word.
Study to show yourself approved.
Increases your Faith in Christ.

Enjoy the Bible! The record of God's Word.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Questions about the Adamic Nature...

You cannot see your need for Christ - if you do not realize your Adamic Nature. The Bible teaches about man's fallen state in effort to point men to Christ. The Adamic Nature causes men to sin and Christ can forgive - but even greater - Christ can rid man from the Adamic Nature. How? Through he Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. That's what we specialize in. Teaching men Biblical truth. Teaching men what God says - not the opinion of the world or defeated men that teach this same defeat. We're about victory in Jesus and victory over sin. Especially victory over the Adamic Nature. This site offers in-depth teaching on the removal and eradication of the Adamic nature. Study with us . Read and research our library and audios by Brother Hubert Lindsey. We're about victory in Jesus - even over the the Adamic Nature. Yes, Jesus can liberate man from the Adamic Life and nature. Learn about it here and experience the fullness if Christ in this life - before you go to Heaven. God Bless, ---Rick Roehm

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Been lax - appreciate your visits - I love you all

I've needed for some time to refresh this blog. Churches on Trial began many years ago as a vehicle to keep Holy Hubert's ministry alive around the globe. This site has become library and archive for many of Brother Lindsey's teachings that were left behind on audio cassette.  Our desire is to edify and assist people into becoming a Christian or helping them to maintain a Christian walk from the Biblical perspective. The Bible is our textbook. The Holy Spirit is our guide.

Anyway, today Sunday I had a little time to say "Hi" and to say "I love you" to all who visit or use this site for the cause of Christ.

As God leads I once again will become more involved...but until then God Bless and don't forget our group Facebook for Holy Hubert.

With love, Rick Roehm