Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Holy" Hubert Lindsey...minister of the Spirit or Theologian?

The fascinating thing about Brother Lindsey's ministry was the fact that he taught the Bible with great depth...but he also minstered Christ to the hearts and souls of the listener. The power of Christ was behind Brother Lindsey's preaching and teaching and anyone who listened to his preaching would testify to such. Christ was always the center of his message. The ministration of the Spirit "worked" because Brother Lindsey preached and centered Christ in all his messages. On the street, on the radio, in the recording studio, inside the four walls of the local Chruch the work of Christ was always the cental theme. Brother Lindsey didn't tell people what to do...he told them about the supremacy of Christ...and proved it with evidence from the Holy Scriptures.

Holy Hubert was also called the "Walking Bible"because of his God given ability to quote and teach the Holy Scriptures with great depth. Hubert Lindsey's Theology seemed unlimited. To many this would make Hubert Lindsey a Theologian...but Brother Lindsey was more than a Theologian because he ministered in the Spirit with love for humanity. Brother Lindsey was concerned about Christ meeting every need for every person that he ministered to. He cared about people enough that he pleaded Christ to every man for personal forgiveness. Brother Lindsey always made sure that his listeners understood personal forgiveness and the life of holiness and right living that followed the new birth.

Teaching Bible Theology was one thing...but ministering in the Spirit was another. Ministering in the Spirit is what "drove" Brother Lindsey's ministry. His Theology only confirmed the basis of his ministry and calling. His call and obedience to Christ is what allowed him to be such a minister. This writer was touched by that ministry and that's what compels me personally to write and carry on what Brother Lindsey started. Brother Lindsey's ministry touched many lives across this nation and the testimonies seem to be vast. As a matter of fact this writer learned what the "true Gospel" was from Brother Lindsey.

This writer will continue to magnify the Great Grace and truth of the Gospel that Brother Lindsey gave his life to preach, teach, and minister for 72 years. I find it honorable to the cause of Christ to keep Brother Lindsey's ministry alive ...even since Brother Lindsey went on the Heaven. I admit Brother Lindsey left us his Theology so we could learn to rightly divide the Scriptures. He also left us his example as a minister to see the human example of a true minister of the Spirit.

The ministry of the Spirit never ceases when Christ is centered in the message. If you have heard any of Brother Lindsey's preaching you understand what I mean. I had the privilege to tell Brother Lindsey personally that I would carry on his ministry every day of my life until I die. It was beautiful thing because it meant so much to Him. Glory to Christ because this ministry is centered around him! Glory to Christ who is more than theology! Glory to Christ who ministers in the Spirit in 2009. Don't forget to listen to some of Brother Lindsey's good Gospel preaching. Also if you have any testimonies in regards to the ministration of the Spirit under Brother Lindsey's ministry please sent them to the Churches on Trial and I will publish. Glory to Christ who saves and sanctifies!