Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Servants and ministers for Christ

The message of Jesus is being told and scattered around globe in so many ways. The glory of Jesus Christ is being made known through His servants and His messengers, which are many around the globe. The truth about Jesus Christ is being declared in some of the most remote and yet some of the most popular places on earth. God is no respecter of persons when reaching hearts for Christ.

God has servants from every walk of life doing the work of the ministry while He prepares hearts for the soon return if His Christ. Servants for Christ are magnifying the person, power, and presence of Christ on the four corners of the earth. People from every nation are being enlightened and coming to the realization of the fact that every knee will bow at the appearing of Christ. Countless thousands around the world are coming to the realization at present that Christ is enthroned in Heaven and merely places His witness in the believer's hearts around the world to tell people about our Savior, Jesus.

A witness for Christ has a servant's heart for Christ regardless of denomination, race, culture, nationality, or ethnicity. The servant for Christ from any nation or denomination is subject to the one in authority in Heaven which is a resurrected Christ. Christ sits upon the Throne "Now". As many as have received Him...these are the sons and daughters of God...born of God to serve God and serve people...with a "whole heart". The servant discerns what is needed. The servant does things pleasing for the King. The servant of God is a Spirit led witness for word and in deed.

Christianity is "present tense" and being shared around the world "Now" by the truth of the Gospel Message. All witnesses for Christ have a servant's heart. All servants for Christ have a witnessing heart. God has a plan for humanity. Anyone from any nation may find Christ as personal Savior and Lord. Allow Christ to become Lord of your life....then you to will become a witness and servant for Christ until He returns.

Let all be done for the glory of Christ!

Hello India...Pakistan...China...Thailand...Cambodia...UK...Australia...New Zealand...Philipines...Malaysia...Colombia...Africa...Russia...Taiwan...US...Singapore...Canada...Egypt...Middle East...Israel...Japan...Ukraine...Mexico...Central America...Jamaica...Europe...Poland

May the authority and presence of Christ be made known "in power" through the testimony and witness of His servants around the globe. This is His Church, the body of Christ in action.