Thursday, December 15, 2016

God's opinion - not man's

The God in Genesis 1:26 (Elohim) is a singular word plural in meaning...God said, "Let us create man in our own image"...implies more than (1).

As we study the Word more thoroughly we find God to be (3) distinct persons. The Father, The son, the Holy Spirit.

  • All (3) masculine in gender.
  • All (3) distinct personalities have different operations.
  • All (3) distinct personalities confirmed in the records of the Bible/Holy Scriptures

Genesis the first book of the Torah coincides with the other (4) books that make-up the Law of Moses. Torah - first five books in the Bible

Prophetic pictures of Jesus Christ were concealed in the records of the Torah - which Jesus actually declared to be the part of the true Gospel...Luke 24:44-49

The Holy Scriptures are fascinating! Truthful! Enjoyable to study when rightly divided

The God of the Bible - the Godhead - Determinate Council - are not limited or just singular in meaning. When the Bible says, "God said" becomes the opinion of God. Read it!