Thursday, February 26, 2009

Holy Hubert Lindsey, God's preacher of Righteousness

Hubert was an unforgettable preacher of righteousness and always preached with holy boldness. Holy boldness enabled Hubert Lindsey to advocate righteousness from God through the person of Christ he preached. Righteousness from God automatically condemns sin and man's sinful conduct. Hubert Lindsey preached righteousness without deviation but he also did what it took to get men to Christ. Alcohol and strong drink was at the top of Brother Lindsey’s sin list. Having lived during the prohibition Hubert Lindsey knew the detriment in society that was caused from alcohol.

Billy Sunday a great man of God in the early 1900’s and advocate against strong drink pleaded with Brother Lindsey before he died to preach against alcohol and strong drink. Hubert never took Billy Sunday’s admonition lightly and even testified often about their acquaintance. As a matter of fact Hubert preached against alcohol and strong drink his entire life in the ministry. Hubert knew every scripture in the Bible that referred to alcohol and strong drink. According to the Bible... alcohol and strong drink is a sin regardless of whether it’s done in... moderation or in excess.

Hubert always made it clear how the Bible teaches about the two types of wine…fermented and unfermented. Jesus (God in the flesh) could not have drank fermented wine because it was a sin. Jesus was without sin. Jesus did however; drink fruit of the vine which was "unfermented grape juice".

· Mark 14:25… Verily I say unto you, I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine, until that day that I drink it new in the kingdom of God.

As a preacher of righteousness Hubert Lindsey did more than just preach against alcohol and strong drink. Hubert preached Christ and the standard of holiness that comes through the person of Christ. According to the Bible and the righteousness of God through Christ, Hubert condemned sin and wrongdoing through preaching the Gospel and showing man what he really is in the presence of Christ. Hubert preached with honor and dignity to the holiness of Christ. Hubert’s Gospel showed sinful men how to get away from evil and how to live according to God’s righteousness. Hubert’s personal obligation to Christ was never taken lightly. Hubert always felt in his own heart he couldn’t afford to fail God; or to fail his obligation to the ministry. Hubert kept himself “surrendered” and “in subjection” to Christ at all times. Hubert never compromised his preaching nor did he water down the Word of truth God revealed to his heart . Hubert Lindsey never allowed any excuse for any man to sin for any reason. No exceptions! He would not offer the Christian any justifiable means to sin against God. As a preacher of righteousness Hubert taught, "that sin was not essential in the heart of a child of God".

· 1 John 3:9… Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin

In 2001 Hubert Lindsey personally told this writer, never to apologize to the world for being sanctified; and never to compromise to live the sanctified life. After pondering that “word of knowledge” deeply, this writer has concluded, “The world says that no man can live without sin, but the Holy Spirit and the Bible both say you can”. There is no shame for having a clean heart and living holy... but the religious world wants to put you on guilt trip for having such. Enlightenment to the sanctified heart is one of the greatest gifts any child of God can ever have in this life. It has taken this writer year’s to understand the depth of those words spoken from my dear brother Hubert Lindsey.

As a preacher of righteousness myself, it has also taken me years to understand man’s enlightenment to the truth about holiness. Brother Lindsey was touched with the gift of discernment. Brother Lindsey was a preacher of righteousness and knew the fruit of the Spirit imputed to man through the blessing of Entire Sanctification. Understanding of that very fruitfulness by the Grace of God has also been imputed to this writer! That's why this Blog was created! “This writer will never compromise the truth of the Holy Spirit’s work in the human soul. This writer will never apologize for living the way Christ wants him to live. As Holy Hubert Lindsey always loudly proclaimed with victory in his heart, “G-L-O-R-Y”! This writer also proclaims, “G-L-O-R-Y” as he means it with all his heart!”

Hubert ministered that “word of knowledge” from the nursing home just months before he passed. At that time he was flooding this writer’s mind, pen, and notebook with knowledge about the doctrine of Entire Sanctification. Over the course of two weeks Hubert preached daily and this writer received Hubert’s wisdom with gladness as mounds of notes were being recorded. With great depth and detail Hubert systematically laid out the complete doctrine of Entire Sanctification and used countless Bible references to fortify its truth. It seemed overwhelming at that time. All this writer could do was to take notes. Hubert continued preaching until he became too weak to speak. Hubert Lindsey preached righteousness and holiness all the days of his life even until his final hours where he died in a nursing home in Raleigh, North Carolina March 30, 2003.


  1. I am curious: someone mentioned that Hubert Lindsey was preaching at some university where some young man was mocking. He warned the young man that if he didn't repent, he would be dead after he took something like 6 steps. The crowd counted out loud with him as he defiantly took those steps, but he ended up dying right there on the spot. Does anyone know anything about this?

  2. Never heard Brother Lindsey speak of that particular incident. I did however hear him preach about many similar incidents where miracles from the Divine Judgment of God fell and struck someone dead right on the spot. These Throneroom miracles mentioned on... Throneroom Miracles ...posted in the sidebar on the right under the audio section. Perhaps you will find confirmation on the particular sermon you heard about.

  3. As a Christian student at the UW in the early 1970's I'd often see Holy Hubert on campus yelling at all passersby. I always prayed for him because I was very concerned about his approach. That's not how Jesus did it. It always reminded me of 1 Cor 13