Friday, November 12, 2010

Divine Wisdom or Human Hubert T. Lindsey

This audio by Hubert Lindsey that has been buried for many years brings forth a wealth of knowledge about Christ. The knowledge brought forth is based on numerous Old Testament prophecies confirmed in the New Testament. The reason? To take way doubt and unbelief from the heart of man; and to build faith based on the truth of the Word of God! Brother Lindsey was truly a called man of God. The in-depth preaching on this audio brings forth a beautiful contrast between fallen man and the power of God's Grace that comes from Christ. This kind of teaching is not taught much this day and hour. This great Bible lesson undermines the teaching of philosophy and human reasoning in light of of the Grace of God and the truth of God's Word. In the day's of Corinth there were many pagan religions, philosophies, and mixed types of Judaism. The Apostle refuted human reasoning and human intellect that oftentimes interferes with the power of Salvation that comes from the Gospel message. May this great teaching on the wisdom of God bless your heart and life for the cause of Christ. I thank God that provision has been made to continue scattering this timeless material about Christ around the world and around the globe. May the Grace of God bless you the listener as much as does this writer with the truth of God's Word. On behalf of Brother Lindsey, "Enjoy this blessed teaching".

Divine wisdom or Human wisdom