Friday, February 27, 2009

Distinction between Justification and Sanctification

Distinction between Justification and Sanctification
Justification deals with “the sinner”; Sanctification deals with “the believer”


· When you repent
· saved from the transgression
· freed from breaking the law
· sins forgiven
· the new birth
· puts off the old man
· empties out
· instantaneous
· upon
· double minded
· wants to be controlled
· power from redemption
· being sealed with the Spirit
· work begun
· baptism into Christ
· God forgives what you do

Hubert Lindsey showed me this in 1990...


· When you die to what you are
· severed from the carnal life
· removes the adamic nature
· sin nature destroyed
· baptized with the Holy Ghost
· puts on the new man
· fills up
· instantaneous
· Within
· Single minded
· controlled
· the work of the Holy Spirit
· being filled with the Spirit
· work complete
· Christ baptizing with Spirit
· God destroys what you are

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