Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another testimony for Christ...prompted by Brother Hubert Lindsey

This testimony was sent to the Churches on Trial Saturday by a dear sister in the Lord who was effected by Brother Lindsey's preaching. We encourage anyone touched by Brother Lindsey's ministry to bring forth their testimonies so they can be posted at this site for edification of other members of the body of Christ. May this beautiful Spirit led testimony bless you the reader, for the cause of Christ. At present all testimonies sent to this Blog are found at the Testimony label at the left side bar.

Rick Roehm
Author of the Churches on Trial

Abby B. testified:

I became acquainted with Hubert Lindsey about 20 years ago when my pastor gave one of his audio messages to our evangelism ministry. We were young and laughed at his style and bluntness, but the tape made a strong impression on all of us. Recently I was led to dig that message out of storage and listen again. I was struck by Mr. Lindsey's depth of understanding regarding Israel. In my search for more, I found Rick's blog.

No, Hubert Lindsey is not a "cult figure," as I saw that one man had dubbed him. But I'm at a loss to express just how much I've gained from listening to this man teach. Brother Lindsey's fearlessness before man, his lack of personal ambition, and his purity of heart were very valuable when it came to rightly dividing the scriptures. What believer in Christ would not want to hear the words of a man who would openly question any Church tradition that contradicted God's word? What sincere Christian would not want to listen to a man willing to be beaten to a pulp over and over by the radicals of his day as he preached the gospel to them? And what hungry soul would not want to hear the words of a man who led thousands of angry, rebellious youth into the Kingdom of God?.

And can I say a word about Brother Hubert's knowledge of scripture?. If we are going to claim that the Bible is the infallible word of God, we ought to know what it says. I don't know of anyone else in the world who memorized the entire New Testament; but Hubert did. You can downplay the importance of that all you want, but when Mr. Lindsey opened his mouth, out came the word of God. We are mostly unwilling to spend the time it takes for such endeavors, but he did it, and it reaped much fruit because the word of God does not return void. Lindsey took the time to study the Old Covenant with a former rabbi and teacher of theology, whom he led to Christ, so that he could better understand the New Covenant. I have personally gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding from his years of study.

Jesus Christ is our Lord and our everything. I wonder sometimes, how much could be gained for His kingdom, were a few others to be as willing to suffer as Hubert was? He was stabbed, shot, beaten many times ... spent long hours pouring over the scriptures. Hubert was willing to challenge the youth of his day with the depth of their depravity, so they could repent and come into the Kingdom of God.

Brothers and sisters, I urge you to listen to the valuable messages Brother Rick has posted. They are not always easy to understand, but those who are willing to listen carefully will be richly blessed.

In Christ,

Abby B.