Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Audios, Videos, Theology and Sound Bible teachings at this Blog

Have you taken the time to review our biblical library? Or to examine our Blogs posted for your edification. The intent of this Blog is to carry on the right division of God's Word and to help others to understand the Bible's great Truth about Christ. Most of the teaching at the Churches on Trial was originally started by Hubert T. Lindsey a holiness preacher and Bible scholar who had most of the Bible memorized. Brother Lindsey preached the Gospel for 75 years. During his later ministry Brother Lindsey recorded his messages to be carried on outside of his presence. Since Brother Lindsey passed on his messages still live today around the globe via Internet. His timeless Biblical library and Theology are only kept alive today by the Grace of God. We have many audios posted at present and twice that many awaiting publication in the future. Please enjoy and learn from these teachings as they all bring honor and praise to the Christ of our Salvation. God knows the desires of your heart. May the Holy Spirit reveal all that's needed in your heart and life to learn, to hear, and to be taught God's a foundation for your faith. We love you and appreciate you stopping by from the four corners of the Earth. God Bless you the name of Jesus.