Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wrath of the Lamb...Hubert T. Lindsey

This excellent end time teaching by Brother Lindsey from John's book of Revelation focus's primarily on the wrath of God during the Great Tribulation. It describes how the wrath of God is ministered upon the Earth for seven years in preparation for Christ's promised return with all His saints. This audio describes the devastation, destruction, and renovation on Earth in preparation for God's promised Eternal Kingdom. Then comes the Divine Judgment of Christ, the wrath of the Lamb in flaming fire with vengence as He prepares Earth for His 1000 year reign with all His saints. Enjoy this beautiful 1 hour audio on John's Revelation of Christ.

Wrath of the Lamb

Satan's Kingdom falls...Hubert T. Lindsey

This excellent end time study by Brother Hubert Lindsey comes from the Book of Revelation and pertains to the rise and fall of Satan's Dominion on earth after the Rapture of the Church. This prophetic audio touches on the Anti-Christ, the false Prophet, the Beast Kingdom, the battle of Armageddon, and all adverse conditions that are destroyed by Christ under the reign of Satan during the seven year Tribulation.

Satan's Kingdom falls

Women and Angels...Hubert T. Lindsey

This excellent audio by Brother Lindsey that expounds on the 1 Corinthian letter chapter 11 defines women, the cutting of hair, the wearing of the Vail, and the woman's relation to Angels. This teaching is an unusual teaching in relation to both Judaism and Pagan religions that were predominate under the Roman Empire during that day and hour in Corinth. There is much fascinating Biblical knowledge contained within this one hour teaching by Hubert T. Lindsey.

Women and Angels

Speaking in tongues...Hubert T. Lindsey...(2 CD's)

This audio on the subject of "Speaking in Tongues" by Brother Hubert Lindsey goes hand in hand with blessing of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. Brother Lindsey was a former Baptist who did not lean to this doctrine or persuasion during the early years of his ministry, but after clarification came from the Word of God Brother Lindsey's doctrinal position changed. This radical change after 30 years in the ministry came after the Word of God revealed truth and later led Brother Lindsey to receive the sanctifying power of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. Review this excellent commentary with an open heart and allow the Spirit God to reveal the truth of God's Word.

Speaking in tongues (1 of 2)
Speaking in tongues (2 of 2)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Born of Water...Hubert T. Lindsey

On this teaching audio Brother Lindsey expounds on the passage in Saint John chapter 3...where Jesus spoke of being born of the water and of the Spirit. Brother Lindsey clarifies being "born" relates to being "delivered" in the Greek text. He goes on to clarify how this passage relates to Israel passing through the Red Sea and of course how man can be "born of the Spirit of God". Deliverance by God is the object of this beautiful teaching from the Jewish perspective that makes no reference to Water Baptism. Enjoy the 1 hour content of this great teaching.

Born of water

Babylonian Religion...Hubert T. Lindsey

The following teaching on Baylonian Religion is a condensed End Time prophecy by Hubert T. Lindsey that defines false religions, deceptions, and self sufficiency. Brother Lindsey teaches on the origin of religion, seducing spirits, the Devil, the Zodiac, Horoscope, Baal Worship, the winged Serpent, and much more Babylonian Religion. An indepth summary of the seven Churches in the book of Revelation is the foundational text for Brother Lindsey's sermon. The entire sermon 68 minutes long. Another great blessing and end time sermon preached by Brother Lindsey.

Babylonian religion (2 combined tapes)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Commentary on Water Baptism...Hubert T. Lindsey...(4 CD's)

This commentary by Hubert T. Lindsey on the subject of Water Baptism is the most thorough and exhaustive commentary you will ever find in our modern religious Age. It's contents are condensed from (4) audio recordings collected over a period of 70 years and placed onto (4) separate audio players that are now published on the Internet for edification of the body of Christ. Each audio player contains a wealth of Biblical knowledge in each one hour setting... but the overall study (4 hours) on Water Baptism is not complete unless you review all four one hour audio segments.

The foundation of Water Baptism comes from the laws of purification taught in the the Old Testament records. Having been tutored by a Jewish Rabbi for 15 years Brother Lindsey is able to unfold and explain with clarity the many reasons why so many denominations go separate directions on the how, when, and why Water Baptism in our modern Age. Brother Lindsey uses the Greek Text of the Bible to define the many various modes of Water Baptism. Distinction will be made between the Spirit's Baptism into Christ, The Baptism with the Holy Ghost and Fire in sanctification, and various modes of water Baptism performed by men, like sprinkling, pouring, immersion, for remission of sins, public confession, infant baptism for removal of Original Sin, etc.

Enjoy your study that is easily available for in length and in depth review. Take all the time you want to study this teaching. May the Spirit of God minister truth and confirmation to your heart and soul about the Blessing of God's Grace and Bible truth about Water Baptism. Thanks for stopping by the Churches on Trial Blog. It is a blog dedicated to Brother Hubert Lindsey and his life as a servant and minister for Christ.

Water Baptism (1)
Water Baptism (2)
Water Baptism (3)
Water Baptism (4)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Church Government...Hubert T. Lindsey...(4 CD's)

The following set of players contains a 4 CD teaching about New Testament Church Government.

1. Apostles
2. Bishops
3. Elders
4. Women

This beautiful series of teaching audios by Brother Lindsey uses the Bible as a vast reference tool to substantiate all validity that Apostles, Bishops, Elders, and Women have their place in our present day ministry according to New Testament Church Government. I once heard Brother Lindsey state that he wished he would have taught this material many years earlier in his ministry.

Never-the-less these timeless teachings on Biblical Holiness and New Testament Church Government are now able to be publicized to all open ears around the world for the cause of Christ. May the Spirit of Holiness that raised Christ from the grave, minister truth to all who give an open ear to this teaching.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

God's Theocracy...Hubert T. Lindsey...(a systematic Theology)

Hubert Lindsey was a street preacher but he was also a great Theologian and Bible scholar with 74 years in the ministry. Brother Lindsey ministerd in the Spirit and not from human intellect or the wisdom of men. He taught Divine Wisdom and always kept Christ in the center of his teaching. You will find this 6 audio series very fascinating.

The following teaching on God's Theocracy on (6 audio players in sequence) contain one of the greatest systems of Theology I've ever encountered in my Christian walk in 24 years. These 6 different audio recordings break down the many ways God ministered to the human family, in creation, in the days of Adam, in the days of Noah, in the days of Abraham, at the giving of Law on Mt. Sinai, during Christ's earthly ministry, under Grace now, in the Rapture, and during the Millennial reign of Christ.

This series of teachings shows the Sovereign Reign of God and His plan for Christ the Saviour in all different dispensations past tense, present tense, and future tense. This systematic Theology teaches about God's enlightenment to humanity concerning His Divine law, before the Law of Moses was given on Mt. Sinai and now since the Law of Moses was abolished through the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

These 6 players of 1 hour teachings in dispensational sequence...if studied with a concordance can offer a lifetime of Bible knowledge and clairification to anyone who desires to know the truth of God's Word. They are vast in Bible knowledge. They are a must for all students of God's Word. They unfold and clairify many controversial subjects in the Bible when studied out. They contain a lifetime of Biblical knowledge.

I appreciate Brother Lindsey's labor for Christ. God is still continuing to use this ministry on this Blog to continue taking this great teaching around the globe into "all" the world. God Bless you all for stopping by this Blog. Study God's Word and let God build within you a better foundation of Faith...all based on the truth of God's Word. Don't forget...each player below has a title menu and can be shared...E-mailed...or downloaded.

God's Theocracy (6 CD series)

1. God's Theocracy before man
2. God's Theocracy in creation
3. God's Theocracy in Israel
4. God's Theocracy in the Kingdom
5. God's Theocracy in the Church
6. God's Theocracy in the Millennium