Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brother Hubert Lindsey - audios

Many audios (previously archived at this site) were lost due to a large migration between (2) web-sites. Not sure if it will ever be tied back together until I cross-link, re-organize, and combine the new addresses.

The Holy Hubert/Hubert T./ Lindsey audio library from sermon.net is still available at the following temporary site. Just scroll through and find the audios you desire to hear. 

Until I get this vast library (that I sorted and archived for years) re-organized, or re-created at a new website - only the following temporary link Archive list - Holy Hubert audios - library  will work in personal studies - at least until further changes are made - to cross-link the (2) sites as cross-linked before.

All the Hubert Lindsey audios collected over the past 15 years and archived can be found at the following archive...just scroll through and find the one you care to review for study.

Thank you for your patience in this matter. Christ is behind this ministry.

Rick Roehm
Author/pastor, and teacher at Churches on Trial

Archive list - Holy Hubert audios - library