Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why doesn't the mainstream teach holiness in 2014 like it did 1900?

This writer has always been an advocate of Biblical Holiness since 1987 when he first met Hubert Lindsey. Hubert's timeless message of holiness was different than mainstream teaching because he did not believe in compromising the truth of the Bible. Hubert Lindsey taught that Christians could live "without" sin. This kind of teaching goes against the grain of mainstream teaching. True Holiness even seemed unusual and peculiar to this writer because nobody in the mainstream was teaching such doctrine.

I began following Brother Lindsey's radio broadcast in 1988 and taking notes of the "many" verses he would quote in a two hour talk show of Biblical Questions and Answers. I daily studied the Bible for hours without end! The Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit were both confirming in this writer's heart, "the truth about Biblical Holiness". No longer was I only taking Hubert Lindsey's word on it...the Bible was confirming Truth in this writer's heart...and so was the Holy Spirit.

After getting to know Brother Lindsey personally I was able to pump out of him other writers he knew that also taught Biblical Holiness. Brother Lindsey (a collector of rare Christian books) was hesitant on endorsing fellow teachers and preachers ...but I did manage to get a few suggestions out of him.

One excellent book Brother Lindsey endorsed was Binney's Theological Compend by Amos Binney. That was the first book I purchased and at that time it was out of print. It was originally written in the late 1800's. Another book (a great book!) is Jesus is Coming by William E. Blackstone which is very old and another is... A commentary on Romans by Donald Grey Barnhouse that was written in the 50's. Most of the above writer's taught holiness of heart and conduct quite similar to Brother Lindsey's teachings. The interesting thing about Amos Binney, and the teachings of his son in law Daniel Steele who were both writers and advocates of Christian holiness was the fact that holiness was taught back then...and very popular at that day and hour. It was basically the turn of the century! Actually the late 1800's through the early 1900's...but I stress, " Holiness of heart and conduct was lived and taught at that time...but as anyone knows it not very popular 2009!" What does it take for people to get back to holiness?

As this writer continued his studies under the teachings of Hubert Lindsey throughout the 80's until 2000... and his quest to find out more about why holiness is not taught in this present Age... I stumbled across much information on the Internet. One of the most credible sources I found concerning the forgotten doctrine of Holiness was at the following link (a link also embedded in the title of this Blog).

The link is...Binney's Theological compend - PDF . What a great link and a wealth of info concerning Christian Holiness! I personally have read much of that websites content. As this Blog "The Churches on Trial" progresses, I will provide more links and more resources for other advocates of Christian Holiness such as myself. The Bible teaches without holiness no man shall see the Lord.

In closing this blog, I remember one of Brother Lindsey's strongest arguments in defense of teaching that Christians can and do live "without sin". Brother Lindsey said that when man is born of the Spirit...the Holy Spirit gives this person a new desire...to "stop" and to "quit" practicing sin. I personally have found this same truth that Brother Lindsey so adamantly preached...to be the theme of the entire New Testament.

With joy I'm glad Christ enlightened this writer with the truth about the forgotten doctrine of Holiness...but... if it wouldn't have been for Brother Hubert Lindsey's strong defense for Christian holiness... This writer may have gotten tangled up in the web of the world...and perhaps even ate by the spider.

God Bless you all...
Rick Roehm, a Revivalist for Christ

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