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Understanding of the doctrine of Law and Grace can deliver man from erroneous doctrine

Brother Lindsey made many contributions to the Body of Christ throughout his 70+ years in the ministry. One contribution this writer knows of...that sticks out far above all the rest was the foundational teaching Hubert left behind on how to make the distinction between Law and Grace. Hubert also made an audio recording on that subject that I hope to post at this the near future.

This writer personally testifies to the blessing that stems from Hubert's Law and Grace teaching. I personally was delivered from the prison house of erroneous doctrine after recognizing truth and right division of the Bible... in 1989. As a result of that deliverance this writer has endeavored 19 years to preserve Brother Lindsey’s ministry, and complete audio library. Today, in 2009 this writer can't emphasize enough how Hubert Lindsey’s foundational teaching on the doctrine of Law and Grace is so very important to "all" students and teachers of God's Word. The doctrine of Law and Grace offers life changing results that fortify anyone's understanding of the Holy Scripture and their personal relationship with Christ through the Spirit. Understanding of the distinction between Law given to Israel, and Grace given to the Church can offer life-changing protection against so much deception that's caused from erroneous teachings...rampant in our present religious world.

Moreover this writer understands a detriment that stems from being taught to mix up Bible… by unlearned teachers. God used Brother Lindsey to bring freedom through Divine Grace and deliverance from the bondage of the this writer’s heart and life. That's only another reason why I preach the Gospel and write these Blogs.

This writer so vividly recalls how a mixed up Bible knowledge can lay a course of deception; lay a course for failure to God; and lay a course for a frustrated relationship with Christ.

Understanding the distinction between Law and Grace...will do the same for anyone that has a studious attitude toward God. Brother Lindsey had a God given ability and ministry that showed "anyone and everyone" how to rightly divide the Holy Scriptures. Hubert knew that it's the Holy Spirit that reveals “truth” to the heart of man. Hubert only laid the groundwork... this writer carries it on... but it's God that enables people to recognize and understand the benefits of making the distinction between Divine Law given to Israel and Divine Grace given to the Church! Glory!

At the initial Salvation experience people have very little knowledge of the distinction made between Law and Grace; Jew and Gentile; and Israel and the Church. After Christ is accepted many converts have a strong desire to study the Word of God. Unfortunately, "some" are being taught to run everything in the Old and New Testament together thus taking the Bible from its proper context. God’s Word is therefore wrongly divided! Brother Lindsey contended with strange doctrines and numerous false concepts in the 60’s, 70’s, and the 80’s. He acknowledged many mainstream movements who were teaching errneous doctrines. It was obvious then and it's still obvious today! The only way anyone can recognize erroneous doctrines and false teachings is through! That's why it's so important to "get back to the Bible".

In the last twenty years in a very subtle manner certain movements that teach erroneous doctrines have crept into the Charismatic circles across this nation. From experience this writer remembers how deceptive those doctrines really are. Some are damnable and even heresy! They have mixed up the Old and New covenant teachings and run everything in the Bible together. They teach "Spiritual Israel" from the parables and by doing so they have done great harm to the truth about God's Word and harmed many new converts that have come to Christ. They mix up the teachings of Christ under Law with the teachings of the Apostles under Grace… after the resurrection of Christ. They have misled thousands to a frustration; failure; or even a loss of Salvation through wrong division of God’s Word. They have plagued the Church-world with countless misconceptions that they call Bible truth.

Kingdom now theology advocates man building the Kingdom (instead of Christ) in preparation for the return of Christ is taught inside many Charismatic circles. These groups miss the fact that the Kingdom of Heaven message was a message for Israel to accept the Messiahship of Christ. Kingdom Now theology is built upon spiritualization of God’s Word and not the Word rightly divided in relation to Old and New Testament teaching. Hubert’s teaching on Law and Grace "exposes and delivers" man from the bondage of such teachings. This writer was once tangled in Kingdom Now theology but thanks be to God He sent Hubert Lindsey to sway this writer’s thinking and understanding toward... Law and Grace. It was this writer's understanding of the distinction between Law and Grace that helped me to break away from the bondages caused from erroneous teaching.

Hubert Lindsey a man sent from Christ and Elder at the Church at Birmingham was ministering on a public radio broadcast in Detroit Mi. in 1989 when this writer was liberated from erroneous doctrine. With gladness this writer testifies to being touched by Brother Lindsey’s excellent ministry for Christ. God was using Brother Lindsey to preach the Gospel over radio waves and teaching men how to rightly divide the Holy Scriptures. Personal study and right division of the Old and New Testament records taught this writer how to become more dependant on the Word rightly divided and less dependant on the "opinions of man and the modern religious world"!

2 Tim 2:15… Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

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Law and Grace

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May the Grace of God richly bless all your lives through your conciousness to the presence of the Holy Spirit...

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