Monday, June 1, 2009

New Testament Church established at Birmingham Mi. (Churches on Trial formed here)

In 1986 Christ sent Brother Lindsey to the Detroit Michigan area to do the work of the ministry. Great things for the cause of Christ happened in that geographical location. God put a man by the name of Jim Elsman across Brother Lindsey’s path. Together Brother Lindsey and Jim Elsman worked hand in hand to compliment and further the ministry. They formed a radio broadcast called The Churches on Trial (that still lives today on this Blog). The Churches on Trial a radio broadcast for Christ consisted of Biblical questions from the public... and Biblical answers given by Brother Lindsey. This radio broadcast was only another reason that allowed Brother Lindsey to live up to his name, “The Walking Bible”. During that time a meeting place was found and provided by Jim Elsman. That provision became a local meeting place that formed the Church at Birmingham... in Birmingham Mi. Brother Lindsey’s call to Apostleship was now to establish a local Church in Birmingham Michigan. According to the New Testament records... Christ sets Apostles first into the local Church.

· 1 Cor 12:28…And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.

Hubert knew Christ sent him to Detroit but it wasn’t completely clear what was going to transpire. During those years worship services and Bible Studies were established. A small recording studio was birthed and allowed approximately 40 audio teachings to be recorded (I hope to re-publicize all 40 of them at this Blog). All the Church services and Bible studies were recorded (I plan to publicize at this Blog). A radio broadcast that consisted of call in questions about the Bible was published, recorded, and preserved. The complete doctrinal library of Brother Lindsey was recorded and preserved through that broadcast. The complete library of audio recordings initiated the preservation of the Apostle Hubert Lindsey’s doctrine of Christ.

This writer’s first introduction to Hubert’s audio recordings came from Tom Lunn a fellow member at the local Church at Birmingham. Tom Lunn accommodated this writer’s hunger for knowledge with the entire collection of Brother Lindsey’s teachings in 1988. There was 40 audio cassettes to be exact! This writer dissected those teachings for 10 years, found no error in the contents, and is compelled today to continue what Brother Lindsey started in my personal ministry. What drives this writer is a result of what the Spirit of truth revealed to this heart and life. This writer has concluded those teachings are a wealth of knowledge that all students of the Bible should have. Hubert’s audios are tools that students of the Bible can use to absorb rightly divided knowledge from the Word of God. This writer has continued carrying on that ministry for 11 years via Internet, word of mouth, and through the Church at Williamsburg. Brother Lindsey’s life and desire was to scatter this wealth of Biblical knowledge anywhere and everywhere for the glory of Christ. Hubert’s 40 theological audios were transposed to CD format for preservation and publication purposes.

Hubert T. Lindsey’s complete audio library is now preserved on CD for a lifetime of publication. The 40 audio teachings made at the Church at Birmingham are not preaching audios as Hubert made in years past while campaigning for Christ. These particular teachings were recorded under the Apostleship of Brother Hubert Lindsey at the Church at Birmingham. Those teachings were made to edify and make disciples for Christ. They were made in Divine order for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry. The doctrines contained are systematically put into order for all students of the Bible. (See details on the Dispensation chart I'm trying presently to upload on this Blog...without success) Hubert eloquently recorded subjects such as Divine Healing (4 audios published), Church Government, God’s Theocracy, a commentary on James, Water Baptism, and many other subjects for the edification of those who listen and desire to study doctrinal truths. Hubert Lindsey’s audios are a lifetime of study and a wealth of knowledge for any advocate of God’s Word.

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