Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All for the glory of Christ!

During the days of the Church at Birmingham, The Kingdom Series books with the help of Laura Lunn were compiled, written, and published. A radio broadcast was established with the fellowship and assistance of Jim Elsman a lawyer in Birmingham MI. The radio broadcast was used to carry the Gospel over the air. The broadcast was called, “Churches on Trial” of which I have re-titled this Blog. The original Churches on Trial was more than preaching. It was a call in talk show of Biblical questions that Brother Lindsey biblically answered. The questions and answers were timeless and very much for the edification of Christians today. That complete radio broadcast was recorded and archived however; it has not been completely transposed to CD format at the time of this writing! By the Grace of God that library of recordings shall someday be re-publicized to further the cause of Christ through Hubert’s service at the Church at Birmingham. All proceeds would go the Hubert Lindsey Foundation.

At the Church at Birmingham Hubert Lindsey also served as pastor. Services consisted of commentary teaching of the Bible, verse by verse, and preaching of the Gospel. All services were recorded for 4 ½ years on the recording equipment owned by the Church at Birmingham. At present, Brother Jim Denton continues the audio recordings made at the Church at Birmingham services. Excerpts from those recordings were publicized in 2007 and 2008 on a local radio broadcast in Waterford Mi. on Saturday afternoons. God made a way for that door to open those two years. The Church at Birmingham services are not all completely transposed to CD format, but by the Grace of God they will be transposed to CD format for preservation purpose in the near future. This writer feels God wants all of Hubert Lindsey’s teachings and recordings preserved for future use. Since this segment of the bio was written I have built this Blog and slightly changed the plan...but I still publish Brother Lindsey's teaching material.

As an apostle Hubert’s commitment to the Church at Birmingham was like his love for Christ. He loved those people. He loved that Church. He loved what Christ was using him for at the Church at Birmingham. Hubert was impacting Detroit with his doctrinal stance, with his audios, with his books, and with that local Church under his Apostleship. The Church at Birmingham was build by Christ according the New Testament Structure and New Testament Church government. Everything at the Church at Birmingham was in New Testament order!

To accompany Brother Lindsey’s teachings on audio this writer has developed a dispensation chart that systematically helps people to learn the Bible. (At present it's not posted YET! but will be in the future. Complicated techie stuff!) The chart illustrates Bible depth and the order things necessary to learn the Bible in proper context and in systematic order. The Chart contains Brother Lindsey’s complete audio library that archived his lifetime of knowledge and compacted and recorded various Theological subjects essential for anyone to learn the Bible. Most of the audios were recorded at the Church at Birmingham. The dispensation chart this writer made was to help any and all students to choose or to hear select audios on any subject of choice in furtherance to personal Bible study. The 40 audios recorded by Brother Lindsey are placed sequentially on the dispensational chart from the Creation of man to the end of the 1000 year reign of our Lord. The subject matter on the chart has laid out a system of theology that aids any student to learn the Bible in proper context, proper sequence, and proper interpretation of the Old Testament Law, the Prophets, the four Gospels, and the New Testament Epistles.

In 2009 this writer continues association with past members of the Church at Birmingham. Those are Bryan Harley, Jim Elsman, Norma Parmenter, Jim Denton, Tom Lunn, Brad Erlandson, and others. This writer also has association with pastors from Detroit that were inspired by Brother Lindsey’s teachings over the air waves on radio in the 1980's. One Pastor is Brother Andrew Jenkins in whom this writer corresponds and fellowships with at present. Brother Jenkins contacted this writer in 2005 to acquire Brother Lindsey’s teaching audios recorded in 1989.

Brother Lindsey became a stroke victim in 1991. From there the physical ministry of Brother Lindsey dwindled however; his teachings for Christ are kept alive by his disciples. Hubert Lindsey was cared for in various nursing homes and by a few brethren in Christ. Howard Aschenbrenner (in whom I know personally) tended to Hubert and Phoebe as much as he was able in the late 1990’s. Hubert T. Lindsey deceased March 30, 2003 in Britthaven nursing home, in Raleigh North Carolina.

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