Saturday, May 30, 2009

Want a good Theology? Follow this Blog...

How blesssed we are to have Brother Lindsey a great Bible scholar to teach us the Bible! The Lord put this on my heart today. I'm careful never to exalt the man more than the Christ behind the man...Christ is the reason why I write this Blog. Christ is the reason why Brother Lindsey made these recordings that I post. Christ is the center of this ministry...

In just a few short months I've had the privilege to post both audio and written teachings like "Law and Grace, Original sin and doubt, Carnal Christians, Healing, Tithing...and many others". This stuff is priceless...for the student of the Bible. There's so much scriptural evidence in these teachings that it may take years to study them out.

I remember studying these tapes with a Strongs concordance... and listening...and stopping the tape... and looking up the verse...and getting rooted! God blessed this man through that material and there's much more to come to you out there!

Yes, Brother Lindsey had a theology that was very well rounded! As a matter of fact there is a system inside these teachings that will provide the student with unlimited amounts of scriptural knowledge.

Continue following...continue studying...continue growing in Grace. God has a plan for you in the ministry...

Have to go to work...God Bless from Rick Roehm!

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