Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Revived"...Churches on Trial 6-28-87 (audio) On the controversial subject of being "born" of water

This show brought light to the subject of Jesus' conversation with Nicodemas a ruler of the Jews out of Saint John Chapter 3. The show focused on Israel's deliverance from Egypt through the Red Sea and how the Spirit's baptism is promised to deliver Israel in the latter days by fire. The subject of Water Baptism was briefly touched on and clairified with much scriptural evidence.

This sixth "Revived" broadcast of the Churches on Trial contains a wealth of knowledge that must not be stowed away. As Brother Lindsey desired this writer hopes to continue this ministry with full ambition by the Grace of God. May the wealth of knowledge contained in these shows and on these recordings...bless your lives and ministries for the cause of Christ.

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