Monday, March 30, 2009

What the Bible really teaches about 'Tithing' (audio) by Brother Hubert Lindsey

What does the Bible really teach about the subject of Tithing? Do people in the Church World really know?

The following audio (on the subject of Tithing) was made by Brother Lindsey in the late 1980's to clairify the modern day plague... of money in the Church. Money in the Church has formed so many doctrines today in the Modern Church World its not worth mentioning them all. The main thing behind this publication on Tithing is that it reveals how prosperity messages originated and clairifies the real truth behind Sowing and Reaping.

For those who teach that Tithing (which is actually a Biblical ordinance of the Leviticval Preisthood) and apply it to the Church today... much clairification comes forth from this audio. For those who believe they must give out of obligation to God much clairification is given here also. There are other teachings who say people are cursed if they don't Tithe. A wealth of knowledge is contained in this presentation (on video and audio) on the subject of Tithing and what the Bible really teaches about this subject.

Please review, study, and research the Scriptural evidence behind this subject to see the real valididty of truth about Tithing. This teaching will also show people how to rightly divide the Holy making the vast distinction beteen Law given to Isreal...and Grace given to the present Church Age.

In closing, the writer of this Blog will state, " If a Christian truely loves God...they will give more than 10%" ...and perhaps disperse it throughout the homeless, the fatherless, the needy and even the poor saints like those in Jerusalem during Pauls day and hour.

May the Lord of our Salvation, Jesus Christ... reveal to your heart the truth in the Bible about...the subject of Tithing.

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