Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy Hubert's Legacy lives! His legacy was "Revival". Could this mean Jesus Movement 2009?

With honor and reverence toward Brother Lindsey, the father of this (present tense) movement for Christ in 2009...this Christian Blog has been created. When I speak of this movement for Christ in 2009 I speak of the present tense work of Christ from the Throneroom that actively "works" (now) in the hearts and lives of those who believe in Him. I speak of a present tense "Revival" that Brother Lindsey preached about and lived his entire life for. I speak of a present tense "Revival" that lives and moves under the directive Holy Spirit that flows through the truth of the Bible and our obedience to Christ! I speak of stirring souls and moving people to Christ through the truth behind the Gospel that Brother Lindsey preached. That is my objective as I personally became a product of the power of the Gospel that Brother Lindsey preached in 1988.

Brother Lindsey gave himself to the cause of Christ his whole life in the ministry. He was the Father of the Jesus Movement in the late sixties and experienced great "Revival". His ministry for Christ (25 years later in the late 80's) affected this writers life tremendously..that's why I write this Blog. Brother Lindsey's Revival message didn't cease in the 80's as this writer was "Revived" by that truth...in 1988. Brother Lindsey's Gospel brought "Revival" to thousands and there is a reason behind it all! All the power of a living Christ was behind Brother Lindsey's Gospel...and that's why so many people were affected by his ministry. That's why I'm resurrecting Brother Lindsey's messages, his teachings, his Church services, and the radio broadcast...The Churches on Trial. There was to much knowledge contained on the audios recorded by Brother Lindsey to be buried and stored away. God wants that material out there. So did Brother Lindsey, and so does this writer!

In order to have "Revival" and a modern day "Jesus Movement" the truth about Holiness must not be suppressed in these trying times of 2009. Truth must be revealed through the Christian witness and character for Christ. The truth about Sanctification and God's Sanctifying work in the human soul must be brought to peoples attention...(today) in 2009. The name of Christ and His power to "Revive" must be magnified...not suppressed. This brings "Revival" ...and this is how I remember Brother Lindsey declaring these same words...time and time..again! Brother Lindsey believed in Revival! I also believe in " Revival"! Brother Lindsey believed Christ Revives! I also believe Christ Revives! Brother Lindsey believed Christ restores! I believe Christ restores! Brother Lindsey believed Christ heals! I believe Christ heals! Brother Lindsey believed Christ forgives! I know Christ forgives!

I write this stuff because its fresh on my heart everyday. I preach the Gospel because its fresh on my heart everyday. My witness for Christ is fresh on my heart everyday! I know we need an awakening in 2009! I get responses from people across this nation that were awakened by the power behind Brother Lindsey's messages (even people who were affected 25-40 years ago). The power behind Brother Lindsey's Gospel was a living Christ and that same Christ is alive today an He "Awakens and Revives". The power behind a Christian's "holy heart" is a living Christ... and holiness of heart is the "center" of Revival and a present tense Awakening. The power behind our "true witness" for God...is holiness of heart through a living Christ! The root of Revival is Holiness of heart. When the truth about holiness of heart is taught... Revival can break out like measles. That's where the Jesus Movement in 2009 can start from.

Revival didn't cease...because the power and presence of Christ is alive! Holiness didn't cease because Christ is alive and He changes sinful men to holy men of God! The holy heart is what compels Revival! The holy heart is what compels the child of God to tell the world about Christ. If you're a child of God...don't give place to the Devil! Don't be distracted by religion, by the mainstream opinions of men, or by the problems of life. The Jesus Movement is for today and there are many who need His Revival and His Awakening! Get outside the four walls...and help people to find the power and presence of Christ...who saved our souls.

Thanks be to Brother Lindsey and his timeless messages of holiness for Christ. Thanks be to those who respond to this Blog and testify of how Christ used Brother Lindsey to affect their personal lives in Christ. Thanks be to the Sanctifying Work of the Holy Ghost that rids man of the sinful nature and produces holiness of charcter and conduct. Thanks be to the Churches on Trial (Blog) and the Internet that allows this ministry to go into all the World for Christ. Thanks be to Christ who "Revives" those who are touched by His ministry. Do you sense an Awakening from Christ, or perhaps a Jesus Movement in 2009?

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