Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Memory of: Brother Hubert Lindsey, Holy Hubert, Dr. Hubert Lindsey, Reverend Hubert Lindsey

After being reminded yesterday by a dear sister in the Lord, Laura Kelso... this writer felt the need to post this Blog in dedication to an Apostle by the resurrection of Christ... Hubert T. Lindsey. A true servant of God and a true man of perfect love.

Through an ongoing fellowship with Brother Lindsey...the Father of the Gospel that changed my life... I write these words...

Yesterday was year six since Brother Lindsey went on to be with Christ. I felt the necessity to share the following with all the readers of this Blog...

Brother Hubert Lindsey
Born...May 21, 1914
Born of the Spirit...December 22, 1929
Sanctified Entire 1964
Went home to Christ...March 30, 2003

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