Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Eternal Security (audio)... by Hubert T. Lindsey

The following audio titled "Eternal Security" is an in depth teaching made by Brother Lindsey in the late 1980's. This audio recording deals with the doctrine of once saved, always saved...commonly known as the "Security of the believer". Brother Lindsey brings out what seems to be unlimited amount of Bible truth concerning the matter of losing faith and turning away from God, and why Christians do not practice sin.

Brother Lindsey came from a Calvinistic background but after being "Sanctified Entire" through the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire his entire theology of Calvinism was uprooted somewhere around 1964. He taught the security of the believer early in life (he was Baptist) but after being "filled" with the Holy Ghost and crucified from self his manner of life and his theology was also changed. God revealed to Brother Lindsey that any man could be forgiven of his sins but God also confirmed to Brother Lindsey that a man could be delivered from the Adamic nature. That experience of God's Full Salvation changed Brother Lindsey's entire ministry as it will also change any man through the operation of God's Divine Grace.

Much scriptural evidence is brought forth on this audio and is a must for all students of the Bible. Clarification is given on the subject of "holiness of heart and conduct", "obedience to God", and "righteous living" all of which is given to the heart of man... by the Grace of God. This teaching should not be buried away or tossed aside in these crucial times of modern religious practice in 2009. By the Grace of God this writer hopes to "revive" all of Brother Lindsey's wealth of Biblical knowledge that has been set aside for years and scatter it across this nation and world for the Glory of Christ!

This kind of teaching brings victory in Jesus and not defeat. It makes men overcomers through Christ and helps men to keep from failing God. It clairifies and takes away various types of struggle that some men contend with all the way through life ...without victory in Jesus. May this excellent revived teaching bring victory to your personal enlightenment and personal understanding of God's Word. May it bless your personal walk with God and your personal consciousness to the Holy Spirit's presence in your life.

Re-publishing this audio (that's been buried for years) gives this writer so much joy as a witness for Christ. I know the rewards and blessing of this type of teaching. Brother Linsey wanted me to do this ministry and I committed to him before he died. God has made a way so... I continue to revive Brother Lindsey's complete archive of Biblical teachings on this Blog. May the truth behind these teachings and messages become real to your soul, real in your life, and real in your thinking. May the power and truth behind these teachings bless you as much as they have... this writer.

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