Saturday, March 21, 2009

Law and Grace (audio) by Hubert Lindsey...a must for all students of the Bible

Making the distinction between Law and Grace is a forgotten doctrine in the Modern Church World. If Law and Grace was understood more today in the Church World there would be less confusion about understanding the differences between the Old Covenant of Law and the New Covenant of Grace we now live under. Law and Grace brings a more clear understanding to the Word of God and how it applies to the Church the body of Christ, in this present Grace Age. Seeing and understanding the distinction between Law and Grace teaches people how to rightly divide the Holy Scriptures. Law and Grace teaches anyone how to see the difference between Israel and the Church, and what Scriptures apply to each Covenant. Law and Grace brings truth that fortifies faith. Law and Grace will clairify confusion caused from spiritualizing or wrongly dividing God's Word. Take 49 minutes out of your life and review the following teaching on Law and Grace. It will revolutionize your thinking and your understanding of God's Word. This writer testifes to such as he was tangled in false teaching and false concepts early in his Salvation experience. May the following teaching on Law and Grace open the Scriptures to your heart and mind...and bless your personal walk with Christ.

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  1. Praise the Lord for his amazing grace given and taught with such power and authority by the Lord Jesus and the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven. Praise god for the aposle Paul and servant like yourself. I will visit this sight again until I have grasped the truth of it entirely. I have been liberated.