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What the Bible teaches about...The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven

During the years of the Churches on Trial other things for Christ were also taking place. In the midst of Hubert Lindsey’s life and experiences as the "Walking Bible" he was also an author of various books. One of the books he authored was an outstanding teaching on the subjects of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. This teaching consisted of a definitive teaching on the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven and how these subjects were both taught from the Old Testament, the four Gospels, and in the New Testament. Clarification on the distinction made between these two Kingdoms is taught very little today in the modern religious world. The Bible does however make a clear distinction between the two Kingdoms. Here’s how Brother Lindsey describes the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Kingdom of God…The operation of God that gives man a holy heart. God saves man from his sins; sanctifies him by the Spirit; and gives him a divine nature to live a holy life. A believer receives the Kingdom of God within. This inner work is an invisible and spiritual Kingdom where God reigns over man from His Throne in Heaven.
  • Kingdom of Heaven…The operation of God that gives man the earth to rule and reign. This operation takes place when Christ comes back the second time. In order for any man to receive the Kingdom of Heaven he must first have the Kingdom of God in his heart. The Kingdom of Heaven is an earthly and physical Kingdom where Christ physically rules from His earthly Throne in Jerusalem. All men in the Kingdom of Heaven will have a divine nature.

During the 1980’s after Brother Lindsey was afflicted with blindness the Lunn family Laura and Tom, traveled with and cared for Brother Lindsey and his wife Phoebe. The two families traveled together and campaigned for Christ for approximately 11 years. In 1986 they moved to Detroit Mi. where a set of teaching books were in the process of being completed and published. With the help of Laura Lunn, Brother Lindsey put onto paper his revelation of the Kingdom Message and how this book applies to the truth of the Bible. Within the Kingdom Series (two volumes) a distinction was made between the two Kingdoms; The Kingdom of God being an invisible and spiritual Kingdom; and the Kingdom of Heaven being a visible, physical, and tangible Kingdom on Earth. Brother Lindsey felt that teaching books were necessary to clarify confusion that exists today concerning the misconception of how the two Kingdoms are viewed by the Church-world. A two volume set of books that clarified and brought understanding to the two Kingdoms taught in the Bible were bound and published in the 1980’s. The books were titled, “The Kingdom Series” and published by the Hebron Press in Hebron Ky. To this writers knowledge those books are not in publication at the time of this writing.

Hubert wrote the Kingdom Series books because he felt that right division of the Word of God on the subject of the Kingdom during Christ’s Earthly ministry was not being taught right in mainstream. Hubert warned of the detriment caused from wrongly dividing the Word of God concerning the Kingdom message given to Israel. He realized that misapplication of the Word of God was being applied to the Church today and tainting people’s faith by the thousands. Hubert preached how wrong division of God’s word caused people to become frustrated with their faith in Christ after years of failure and defeat from such wrongful teaching. He believed that erroneous teaching and false concepts that came from wrongly dividing God’s Word caused men to lose faith and their lifetime commitment to Christ. Hubert Lindsey’s Kingdom series books put light on the earthly teachings of Christ to Israel; why Christ taught the parables; and the millennial reign of Christ in His physical Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; and how the reign of Christ was rejected and postponed until the 1000 year reign.

At present this writer knows of only few men of God that teach the Kingdom Message derived from the four Gospels in that same context. One excellent source concerning the Kingdom teaching was written by a scholar in the late 1800’s by the name William E. Blackstone. Blackstone wrote the book, “Jesus is coming” which is used today as a textbook in the modern Church-world. Jesus is Coming is a book that Hubert Lindsey referred to this writer for personal study in 1990. Jesus is Coming is still in publication today and used in seminaries and theological schools across America. Very few teachers besides Hubert Lindsey and William E. Blackstone teach the doctrine of the Kingdom message to Israel in the mainstream today. Here's a link to the W.E Blackstones book titled "Jesus is Coming".

Jesus is coming - W.E. Blackstone

The proper context of the four Gospels has its place. In proper context the four Gospels contain a wealth of knowledge for all students of God’s Word. When the four Gospels are taken out of context and spiritualized, the Bible gets mixed up and people’s faith in Christ becomes frustrated or falls apart over time. The four Gospels contain profound truth about the birth and life of Christ under the Law of Moses. Christ was born under Law, and taught the Law of Moses. The four Gospels relate to the Kingdom message presented to Israel so that God’s Kingdom on Earth could be restored as promised in the Old Testament. Unfortunately the Kingdom message was rejected by Israel during the ministry of Christ and postponed until the 1000 year reign of Christ at His second appearing. When Christ’s Kingdom message to Israel gets all mixed up with the teachings of Grace in the present Church, Biblical truth is mixed up and false concepts are birthed. Wrong division and spiritualization of the Word allows the imagination and opinions of man to run wild thus forming many false teachings.

The Kingdom Message to Israel is a necessary knowledge that builds faith in the promises of God. God’s Promises were given to Israel in the Old Testament. Faith built on the right division of God’s Word will never become frustrated or confused. When the Kingdom message given to Israel is applied to the Church today it’s very misleading. It takes away the right division of God’s Word to Israel and misapplies this teaching to the Church now. This is dangerous because the Bible gets mixed up! What gets mixed up is the truth of God’s Word given to Israel during Christ’s Earthly ministry. When Jesus’ teachings are misapplied to the Church today God’s Promises to Israel are robbed and false teachings become a result. This is very dangerous for any student’s faith in the Word of God. Shallow knowledge means shallow faith. Shallow faith allows people to fall away from Christ.

Hubert’s Kingdom series books and teachings on the Kingdom Message were written with unlimited detail. Hubert greatly clarifies the Kingdom message because of his scholarly understanding of the Law and commandments given to Israel. Hubert’s teaching on the Kingdom is also recorded on audiocassette and CD. The title of this audio series is called, “God’s Theocracy”. It’s a six volume set. God’s Theocracy series deals with (1.) God’s reign before Creation (2.) God’s reign at Creation, (3.) God’s reign during at the giving of Law, (4.) Christ’s Earthly ministry, (5.) God’s reign of Grace in this present Church Age, (6.)And future tense reign of Christ during the Millennium. I hope in due time to post links to these (6) audio teachings... on this Blog. I will keep you posted.
Hubert’s teaching on the Kingdom Series hardly scratches the surface of what he did as a servant for Christ during seven decades in the ministry. This writer finds it rewarding to revive what Brother Lindsey did during those years. Hubert’s preaching and recordings are monumental for this confused generation of people mixed up because of false indoctrination. With gladness this writer states, “Hubert was a very committed minister and stood strong in his teachings and right division of God’s Word. He won a lot of people to Eternity because of the Gospel he preached and the clarity he offered on subjects like the Kingdom message.” Many times this writer heard Brother Lindsey state without hesitation, that he had led perhaps millions to salvation through Christ.

For 72 years Hubert scattered truth across this nation to countless men and women. His monumental teaching on “the Kingdom” is a subject that is a great asset to the Church-world. The Kingdom series on audio and in book form are tools that Brother Lindsey preserved and left behind for us. Hubert desired that all Christians have a well rounded understanding of the Bible. The books and audios that Hubert made are only a few of the many tools that allowed Brother Lindsey to grow people’s faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Hubert Lindsey advocated knowledge because he knew it made people better witnesses for the cause of Christ.

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