Friday, March 20, 2009

Hubert Lindsey Testimony (audio) about being shot in the pulpit...1935

The following audio was a personal testimony given by Brother Lindsey on the subject of "love for fallen man and faith in God". This testimony was originally given by Brother Lindsey at the Church at Birmingham where Hubert was pastor in the late 80's. This audio was re-published in 2008 on a radio broadcast in Fenton Michigan by a dear Brother in the Lord... Jim Denton. This writer recieved that audio clip in 2008 from Jim Denton and is now re-publishing the audio recording on this Blog...for the edification of our listeners who are in Christ.

This audio is a testimony for Christ where Hubert Lindsey speaks out about being shot in the pulpit in 1935. The main theme of this audio is on the subject of Christian love... a "perfect love" given from God and taught in the Holy Bible. The testimony begins from Pauls letter to the Ephesians. May this testimony for Christ bless others who review it's content as much as it has the writer of this Christian Blog.


  1. I think I see what the problem is with the messages playing. This one is only around 20 minutes, and it plays fine. All the one hour messages won't play at all past a certain point.

    I'm thinking the messages are too long, and it's making it have to work too hard to buffer them. Most of these I've seen are 30 minutes, tops. The first site I went to that had Hubert's messages had them broken into two parts, I assume for this same reason. Maybe if you tried breaking them into two parts?

    Howard & Lee Mills

  2. I pray for real men to rise up and be a true, sincere man of
    God as Holy Hubert show the example...