Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Revived...Churches on Trial 6-21-87 (audio) Where the doctrine of "binding and loosing" originated from

This fifth original broadcast of the "Churches on Trial" was primarily focused the teachings of Christ to Israel; Why Jesus spoke Parables; and how the Bible contains 17 prophesies that Israel would "reject" the Messiahship of Christ. Much of this audio described the position of Israel in the past tense, the position of Israel in the present tense, and the position of Israel in the future tense... in the book of Revelation.

Another subject that was touched on was the Modern day deliverance ministries and the mis-application of the Holy Scriptures in our modern Church World.

Three types of struggle were mentioned and expounded on. The first struggle being what a sinner does to be right with God...without deliverance from Christ. The second and third struggle pertained to the Christian who deals with the world on the outside...and self on the inside. Struggle came up along with the subject of temptation and its affects on the Christian.

These audios are packed full of Bible Truth and Scripture for edifying all students of the Bible. Christ is the cental theme of these audios and this Blog. May the following be a blessing to all...

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