Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another "intent" behind this Christian Blog, "The Churches on Trial"

The fruitfulness of Brother Lindsey's ministry for Christ (in this writers personal life) brings many things to attention. These things have more than enough merit to be testified about in the pages of this Blog. As God reveals... this writer attempts to bring these things of God to life through this Blog (that goes across the world) and through a personal ministry for Christ. Things such as studying the Bible and rightly divividing the Truth are so much needed this day and hour.

Hubert's teaching compels people to do such! Things like being everyday conscious and obedient to the Holy Spirit's presence are so much needed this day and hour. Hubert Lindsey's teachings compel become dependant on Christ. His teachings stir the conscience. This Blog... that publicizes Hubert Lindsey's teachings emphasizes, " Christ wants all men and women to be dependant on Him...not just the teachers!" These are the things that Brother Lindsey taught! These are the things this writer teaches in his personal ministry for Christ! These are the things that people so easily take for granted! Why? Because we are living in a fast paced 2009. Things are moving fast and if we take our attention off of Christ and truth of His Word, "The world's got us".

The intent of this writer's ministry and the intent of this Blog is to continue publicizing Hubert Lindsey's ministry, to continue publicizing the Churches on Trial, and to compel the reader to STUDY THE BIBLE! This stuff stirs the reader to become everyday conscious and obedient to the Holy Spirt's presence. This is what Hubert Lindsey ministered, recorded, and preserved 0nto audio for the sake of the Gospel. This is why the Churches on Trial radio broadcast was aired originally and is aired once again today. This is why God is "Reviving" the Hubert Lindsey ministry...and the Churches on Trial! There is a concealed wealth of knowledge that needs to be revealed and revived. By the Grace of God this writer plans to do such.

Our intent at this Blog is to continue what Brother Lindsey started! To carry on the Apostles doctrine! To sway people to Christ like Brother Lindsey did! To stir people to Christ! To stir people to see if what we are teaching is correct and sound doctrine. This stuff "REVIVES" and "RESTORES". Glory to God in Christ!

May the "Churches on Trial" bless you the reader, "In Jesus' Name". We now have (4) 0riginal Churches on Trial broadcasts; and (2) preaching audios published at this Blog.

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