Monday, January 21, 2013

Divine Grace...defined in a systematic theology and Internet Library

The Bible teaches that Divine Grace is "so much more" than just being saved. Grace is the source of our holiness of heart and life in Christ. The links and expositions below are just a small glimpse of this writer's revelation of Divine Grace. In effort to continue developing a simplified system of thelogy for you... May this resource of Biblical info on Divine Grace bless your life as much as it has this writer.

1.   Divine Grace
2.   God’s great blessing of the Grace Covenant (the Church)
3.   Are you God's Property?
4.   Calvary takes away human struggle
5.   The Grace of God defined
6.   Truthful men, honest men, sober men
7.   Talking the talk and walking the walk
8.   Our greater and more perfect Tabernacle
9.   Human reasoning, human intellect, and Divine Grace
10. The religious world and Divine Grace
11. Dead works are man's efforts to obtain Divine Grace
12. Awake to righteousness and sin not
13. No process to become a child of God
14. Divine Grace is the best evidence that proves Christ is real
15. Where does obedience come from?
16. What the Bible teaches about going on to perfection
17. The Holy Spirit's effect on the works of the Devil
18. The perfect, complete, and completed work of Salvation
19. One of God's greatest miracles
20. Amazing Grace (audio)
21. Eternal Security (audio)
22. Divine Grace is more than "unmerited favor"

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