Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A distinction between Law and Grace... defined in a systematic theology and Internet Library

Law and Grace is one of the most profound studies anyone can make in life. Law and Grace teaches the Bible student to "rightly divide" God's Word. By rightly dividing God's Word one can learn the Bible in proper context thus laying a lifetime foundation for a life in Christ without confusion that causes hindrance, frustration, or even loss of faith in Christ. Understanding Law and Grace is a must for all students of the Bible.

1.    When did the Old Testament stop and the New Testament begin?
2.    Distinction between Law and Grace
3.    What does passing from glory to glory mean?
4.    Understanding Law and Grace can deliver man from erroneous doctrine
5.    Rightly dividing the Word of Truth
6.    Why God's blessing of the Grace Covenant is perfect
7.    Our greater and more perfect Tabernacle in Heaven
8.    Hubert Lindsey preached the Gospel and testified to the Grace of God
9.    The way of God more perfectly
10.  Enlightenment to the true Gospel and righteousness by Grace
11.  We do not use the Bible to entertain the mind
12.  The faith of Abraham and the Grace of God (before the Law of Moses was given)
13.  Christ, "Thy Seed"... according to the promise of God
14.  The burning bush...in light of Israel, God's elect
15.  Test your Faith
16.  Tithing (audio)...Hubert T. Lindsey
17.  Law and Grace (audio)...Hubert T. Lindsey...a must for all students of the Bible

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