Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rick Roehm "Revives" Brother Hubert Lindsey's timeless Gospel preaching that still ministers Spirit and life... in 2014

I have been able to resurrect two excellent sermons that Brother Lindsey made at the Church at Birmingham somewhere around 1988.

The first recording brought scriptural clarification on the subject of why Jesus didn't go to Hell. Brother Lindsey explains where this fable like teaching started and clairifies what the Holy Scriptures really teach about Jesus' death an ascension to Heaven. EXCELLENT TEACHING for the studious in Christ!

The second recording was on the subject of, "The Body of death" according to Roman Law in the first century. Brother Lindsey vividly defines The Apostle Paul's expression of this Roman form of punishment in relation to the infamous Romans 7 that deals with man's struggle to keep the Law of God. The comparison between man's struggle to overcome the Adamic nature and a criminal's struggle under Roman Law to live with the body of death (which was an actual human body chained to the criminals hands and legs) is vividly described by Brother Lindsey. The unique thing about this teaching shows man's inability to keep Jewish Law because of the Adamic nature and a criminal's inability to live out the punishment of the body of death under (the mortification of a human body) under Roman Law . The vivid contrast puts light on the delivering power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who can deliver man from the Adamic Nature. What clairity for Christ on the subject of Romans 7 !

Keep a close eye on the Blog for the upcoming revived sermons of Brother Hubert Lindsey whose messages continue to minister Spirit and life even though he's in heaven now.

To hear a similar sermon click on the following link which was one of Brother Lindsey's last public sermon's before he became ill. 1990 FGBA Sermon at Tacoma WA http://churchesontrial.blogspot.com/2009/02/blog-post.html.

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