Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christ once suffered (audio)...a rebuttal against the fable like story of Christ's descension to Hell...Brother Hubert Lindsey

This excellent audio brings Scriptural clairification to the false teaching of Christ's descension to Hell. Brother Lindsey tells about the origin of this teaching and opens many scriptures to bring out the truth on this misunderstood subject. Brother Lindsey's sermon is centered on Christ's death, burial, and resurrection...especially on things concerning the humanity of Christ. It gives this writer great joy to advocate and keep alive these timeless messages of Bible truth concerning Christ. Brother Lindsey lived his whole life through trials and sufferings to spread this Gospel across our nation. That's why Rick Roehm today uses this Blog to keep these timeless messages alive. Brother Lindsey recorded these sermons for a reason. To scatter their wealth of knowledge to as many as possible. That's the reason why I do this work with joy and honor. Glory to Christ! Glory to His precious name! Hallelujah!

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