Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Body of Death (audio)... Romans Chapter 7... Brother Hubert Lindsey

This video/audio was made to show the victorious side of Christianity by the power of a living Christ who "delivers" man from the Adamic life. The struggle that some many teach from Romans 7 does not deal with the life of a believer in Christ...it deals with a man under Law. By the power of a living Christ...Christians today can be delivered from the Old Adam.

The following 14 minute video/audio describes a cruel Roman punishment in the days of the Apostle Paul. You will learn about what the body of death was in light of Christ the deliverer. Light is placed on the controversial Romans 7 with a slant of power and victory rather than weakness and defeat.

As you review the Gospel sermons that Brother Lindsey made, accumulated, and left behind for us to study... you will find holiness and victorious Christian living through Christ that lives NOW PRESENT TENSE. You will find Sanctification from the Adamic life...not the process of maturity. You will find "death to the Old man" and not the process of dying. You will find clarification and right division of the Holy Scriptures.

God Bless you all! God bless Brother Lindsey! God bless the truth of the Holy Scriptures...in Jesus' name. God Bless Google for allowing us to publish these great Bible truths.

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