Friday, October 23, 2009

First Epistle of John (audio)...a verse by verse study...Chapters Rick Roehm

This study on the First Epistle of John was made in 2004 to bring clarification to the truth of the Bible and to the truth about the holy heart and holy living. Throughout life I have met many people that use John's First Epistle to condone sin rather than to condemn it. They say that the Bible contradicts itself. Not so!

The New Testament was not written to condone sin. John's First Epistle will not contradict itself if studied in the right context. This First Epistle of John when kept in proper context brings to light the power and victory that all Christians can experience in 2009. Without contradiction! It will cut your thinking away from tradition, imagination, and religion. God's Word is rich, true, and teaches holiness of heart and sin free living. May this study (pt. 1) bless your personal life in Christ and your personal studies of the Bible, especially the New Testament records.

I thank God for the Apostleship of Brother Lindsey who was used by God to leave behind beautiful doctrines of holiness (like this foundation in First John) for all to learn from. I thank God for the technology that has made it possible to keep alive Brother Lindsey's teachings as well as his timeless audios that were made for the edification of the saints in Christ across this nation. Google makes this possible on this Blog! makes it possible on the Internet...but most of all God makes it possible through the willing heart of his servants for Christ. Glory to the name of God through Christ our Saviour! Glory to the name of Christ!

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  1. Hey brother! Howard and I really enjoyed hearing this message. I'm glad I noticed it, as it added to something
    I've been working on--an overview of scripture's teaching on sin, temptation, judgment and holiness. This has definitely refreshed my mind on some things it needed refreshing on, and there were certain ways you had of saying things that I trust you won't mind my borrowing--giving you credit for them, of course! I'll need to listen to this a few more times to get it all straight in my mind. Howard and I were discussing how the dual nature teaching put forth by many (especially the denomination Hubert came out of, the Baptists) is nothing more at its black roots than gnosticism brushed up with modern hair dye. We have found through the studies we've done that where scripture says the body is sown corrupt, that refers to our MORTALITY, NOT to the corruption of sin (our language has changed from the meaning of that old King James English over the years since the KJV was written). Scripture plainly says whoever committs fornication sins against his own body. Ecc 5:6 says 'suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin neither say thou before the angel, that it was an error:'. We see by just these two scriptures that it is not the flesh that does the sinning. The apostle says 'I pray God your body, soul and spirit be PRESERVED BLAMELESS'--that is the personal side of the whole man. This doctrine of gnosticism, no matter what organization preaches it, tells the world that what Satan and the fall of man brought about is greater than God's plan of salvation through the cross! And that Satan's power and what was wrought by the fall were too great for God in Christ to overcome at the cross. This is blasphemy. The word 'destroyed' you refer to in John's book and Romans 6:6 (katargeo) is one which Lee has stressed in her own teaching (Lee's note: thanks for pointing out it was in John's epistle also, as I did not know this, and it adds to my understanding). The law of sin and death in our members has been done away with when Christ set us free, and now we serve from the heart through the law of liberty in Christ Jesus (liberty never being license). We know the Lord will bless you as you share these wonderful truths, and that Hubert, looking on from amongst a great cloud of witnesses sees and his soul is satisfied. (Lee: I hope to be able to discuss these matters more with you as I progress in what I'm working on, at your convenience if that is all right with you.) Blessings in Christ, Howard and Lee.