Thursday, May 28, 2009

Healing in the Church...(audio #4 of 6) Brother Hubert Lindsey

This excellent audio recording on Divine Healing in the Church brings light to the healing power of Christ...the head of the Church. This lesson takes people "beyond Calvary" the enthroned Christ who has "all" power and authority on Heaven and on Earth. Much clarification is given from this teaching on Divine Healing...and all of its content is taken from the New Testament records of the Bible. This writer finds it to be such an honor to have been taught, learned, and raised up under the teachings of Brother Hubert Lindsey. He was not only a Theological Scholar, but also a spiritual man of God.

The unique thing about this series of teachings on Divine Healing is how God operated through the Ages, (under different Covenant Relationships at different periods of time). For the days of Abel; in the days of Noah before and after the Flood; in the days of Abraham under the promises of God; when the Law was given to Israel at Mt. Sinai up to the crucifixion of Christ; under the dispensation of Grace where the Holy Spirit makes His abode in the Church Today; and in the Kingdom Age (after the Great Tribulation) where Christ returns with the Raptured Church to set up His Kingdom on Earth. Brother Lindsey does an excellent job pointing out how God operated in the past; How God operates now in the present Church Age; and how God will operate in the future Millennial Kingdom. The sequence of events that Brother Lindsey points out and a great asset to the knowledge of any student of the Bible.

May this 4th audio of 6 on the subject of Divine Healing bless you as much as it has this writer.

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