Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hubert T. Lindsey...Theologian, Author and Collector of rare books

Hubert Lindsey authored and published a couple of books for the glory of the Lord. Two writings in particular are Bless your dirty heart, and The Kingdom Series (a two volume set). Other books I recall were also written, but not published by Brother Lindsey to my knowledge. One book was a Memory Course that taught man how to memorize and use parts of the brain to expand memory. Another, was a book written in the 40’s that was titled, “The four trials of Jesus”. This writer on various occasions heard Brother Lindsey make claim to both mentioned books but never had the opportunity to read the contents of either. To this writer’s knowledge both books still remain unpublished at the time of this writing (2009).

Besides being an author, Hubert Lindsey also collected books and some of these were very rare. One of the most fascinating books this writer ever heard Hubert speak of was titled, “History of the Aborigines” by Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormon Church. To my knowledge that book has never surfaced since Brother Lindsey passed. Another book Hubert spoke of was the, “History of Baptism” by Wells. To this writer’s knowledge neither of these books have surfaced up to the time of this writing (2009).

Four other excellent books (of great Biblical knowledge in publication) were referred to this writer by Brother Lindsey who was not only a spiritual man of God but also a great BibleTheologian. Personal study of the Bible prompted this writer to make an honorable mention of all four books within this writing. They include, “The Bible as History” by Vernon Keller; “Binney’s Theological Compend” by Amos Binney; “Jesus is coming” by William E. Blackstone; and a commentary on the book of “Romans” by Donald Barnhouse. All four books are still in publication today. Hubert knew these books were great reading for preachers and students of the Bible.

This writer was especially moved by the four volume commentary on the book of Romans written by Dr. Donald Barnhouse. Brother Lindsey was personally acquainted with Dr. Barnhouse and conversed with him on various Bible topics. Hubert always spoke highly of Dr. Barnhouse and his commentary on the Roman Letter. One reason Brother Lindsey appreciated Dr. Barnhouse was because of Dr. Barnhouse’s understanding of the Law of Moses in relation to Paul’s teaching on Grace in the Church. Dr. Barnhouse was a very learned man of Law and Grace and he expounded on these subjects throughout the entirety of his writings. Brother Lindsey held the utmost respect for Dr. Barnhouse even though Dr. Barnhouse was Calvinistic in theology. Dr. Barnhouse did not agree with the doctrine of Entire Sanctification in any respect. Both men were divided in Theology however; Hubert always made claim that Barnhouse’s work on the Roman letter was one of the greatest works he had ever read. This writer likewise agrees with Brother Lindsey’s position on Barnhouse’s commentary on the Roman Letter. Even though Brother Lindsey was Calvinist in the early part of his ministry he never criticized Dr. Barnhouse for his position on the security of the believer. Through personal research this writer understands totally why Brother Lindsey made such an honorable mention of Dr. Barnhouse’s great writings. Had it not been for Brother Lindsey this writer may not have had the privilege to study such great Bible doctrines under such learned men of God.

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