Saturday, August 18, 2012

Knowledge...Hubert T. Lindsey

This MP3 audio on "Knowledge" was originally recorded at the Church at Birmingham in 1988 by the late Dr. Hubert Lindsey. Later the content of this service was dubbed to CD format and used by Brother Jim Denton for an AM Radio Broadcast in Fenton, MI in early 2000. Jim recorded a series of these nice Hubert T. Lindsey "Best sermons" and sent them to Rick Roehm for future use and ministry. I used these and also passed them to a fellow Christian from the Upper Room, Brother Jim Allen from New Richmond, Ohio who recently uploaded these recordings to...

Rick Roehm and Hubert Lindsey audios for download or sharing

...for years of use via Internet. These audios were transposed from audio cassettes to CD's to MP3 format for the world to hear via Internet, even after the death of Brother Lindsey in 2003. Got knows what is needed to get a job done. He gets people (members of His body) involved. Well worth reviewing for the cause of Christ! Today in 2012, these Brother Lindsey audios go around the world for Christ. God uses these teachings by Brother Lindsey a blind preacher... also known as "The Walking Bible" because of his vast memorization of the Bible... to reach people for Christ around the globe. Be blessed by this nice 22 minute sermon..for "you" the listener.


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