Wednesday, August 15, 2012

They became unaware after paying no attention to Christ

They first started in moderation (when they were young) and then things escalated until they were completely consumed (after getting older). Their vices in life took them over (as they became trapped in the prison-house of self). They were overtaken with interests and plans…outside of God’s plan. They were so wrapped up or consumed they weren’t able to pay attention to the Spirit of Christ. They started a walk toward God and then they quit or turned away. They sinned once in a while but continuously asked God for forgiveness. Then they sinned more frequently which led them to quit asking God to forgive them. Then they began walking in sinful conduct all the time. Called themselves good people in the eyes of man. Left Christ out of the picture. Their hearts, minds, and thinking became callous toward God, as if seared with a hot iron. Awareness to Christ as Savior and Redeemed faded or never existed. They paid no attention to the Spirit of Christ. They were wrapped up in their own interests so much it became a bondage or obsession. Awareness to Christ as a Savior and forgiver? Where did it go or did it exist. Lets examine a few types of people.

The drug addict
The drinker
The business man
The stock-broker
The poverty-stricken
The athlete
The agnostic
The atheist
The church goer without the Spirit
The religious sinner
The part-time believer
The Theologian
The politician
The divorcee
The common man (a good man in the eyes of the world)…without Christ

Don’t allow yourself to be found in a position of unawareness toward Christ and the personal forgiveness He gives the human soul. Don’t let the world you live in get the most of you. Pay attention to Christ. The drinker, the athlete, the business-man, the stock-broker, the divorcee, the Church goer without the Spirit never had a clue that sin would get the best of them…later in life. They done everything in moderation when they were young and then it escalated to something that “controlled them”. They found themselves without hope and unaware of the presence of Christ. They became sad, then happy, and then sad, and then happy, and then sad. Without strength and powerless with an earthly position…or an earthly title in society…or grievence or ill will toward fellow-man. Mad and angry all the time. It all started in moderation. A little sin. A little lie. Something common to fellow-man in society. Something OK that God will blink at.

Who are you kidding? It doesn’t matter who you are, or what position you are in life, or what you have. God looks to the believing heart. Pouring yourself out to God is good today but what about tomorrow? Being constantly aware of Christ and the power of His resurrection has benefits. You can pay attention to Christ and make Him above all things in your heart. You can have steadfast faith and be rooted and grounded in Christ…everyday all day. Glory! I’m getting blessed! It makes me happy to know having Christ and being found in Him daily is fruitful and blessed! You don’t have to step across the line into sin and back out again. Having Christ is more powerful than that! You can have holiness and constant victory! He can give you power to overcome and lay aside weights and sin. He’s the Christ of our Salvation whose exalted at the right hand of God. He loves you and gives you enough to say no to sin and to do right in His eyes.

Give no place to the Devil. You are sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise. Live up to the standard of God’s way of living. Stay aware of Christ and be wrapped up in Him. He want’s your constant attention and your steady life in the Spirit. Simply put, “It’s being preserved in the power of God’s Grace”. The best life anyone can ever have in this life. A true heart and holy life in Christ! Glory! The better life! Conscious and aware of Him and His Divine presence. Not overtaken by the subtle things in life. Doesn’t Christ deserve “all” of your attention? All the time?

The addict didn’t know. The business-man consumed with his business didn’t know. The divorcee didn’t know…how just little things in the beginning could cause one to be overtaken in the end. Don’t wait. Christ is for today, and tomorrow, and when He comes. Love Christ with everything you’ve got and be blessed like this writer. By doing such you will be ready when He comes or when your life ends. You have no control over these things. So the object is, “Stay ready for Christ or the sting of death, every minute, every hour, every day”.

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