Tuesday, March 22, 2011

They that sleep, sleep in the night

Sleeping in the night are those who are living in darkness. Sleeping means to be unaware of what's going on around you. These are godless and without hope. People today are so unaware of Christ and to be honest Christ is the farthest thing in life from their hearts and thinking. People drink and drug today without an inkling of what will happen in their future. With no ideal that substance abuse will control their lives, marriages, relationships with Christ. The booze takes over their mind and actions. the drugs take over their mind and actions. The temper is altered from use of drugs whether illicit or legal. Nobody in darkness knows how much the booze or drugs are going to consume them. These people are sleeping in the night. Living in darkness and unaware of Christ our Saviour. Even the adulterer or fornicator who begins the relationship outside the sanctity of marriage, doesn't have a clue of where these relationships will lead; or how many people will be hurt or affected by their sinful conduct and dirty living. These people are sleeping and unaware of what they are getting into. Darkness rules and blinds the minds of those who believe not in the Gospel of Christ.

I've written all the above to say this one thing,

"The child of God is aware of Christ and Christ's saving Grace. The child of God is not sleeping nor does he walk in darkness anymore. The child of God is sober and right at all times in the eyes of God because he has the God given power to do right. The child of God is not "overtaken" by booze, by sensuality, or by dirty living anymore. The child of God has the person of Christ in their hearts. They are sober and constantly watching for the coming of their Lord Jesus Christ. Their hearts are prepared for trials and tribulations that come during our life on earth. Children of God walk in the light because God's Grace made them overcomers in the world. Nothing can defeat the child of God. Children of God are of the day, not of the night. Children of God do not sleep in darkness, they are aware of Christ and His return to Rapture the Church. This is the character of a child of God who depends on Christ for every need in life. The child of God is aware of Christ and ready for Christ's return. The heart is prepared and watchful. Goodbye Devil...hello Jesus".

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