Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can a man lose faith in Christ and then regain faith in Christ?

Yes, but there is a better life than that. Here's why.

Losing faith is what the Bible calls the sin of unbelief. What happens when men lose faith in Christ? Defeat develops. People become habitually disobedient to God. Sin separates man from God's Saving Grace. As we all know - the wages of sin is death. Did you know losing faith can become a habitual life of defeat? Keeping the faith means you are faithful to God with victory in Jesus. Losing faith means you are unfaithful to God and living a life in defeat. Faith is a consciousness and awareness of Christ in your heart and life. If you don't know if your sins are forgiven. They're not! Faith in Christ allows man to know that every sin is forgiven and that the heart is clean and holy in the eyes of God. You can keep this victory every day of your life with the power of God's Grace.

A clean heart comes from your trust in what Christ did for you personally. Your trust in Christ and what Christ did for you personally is why you're forgiven by God Almighty. You will know you're forgiven because the guilt of sin is lifted from your conscience. You are aware of the fact that Christ made you a new creation and you know every sin is forgiven. This is soul rest. Soul rest is freedom from the guilt of sin. Redemption comes through your personal trust and belief in Christ. Can you lose this trust? Yes. Can you regain it? Yes. Don't waver back and forth in defeat. Stay steady with victory by the power of God's Saving Grace.

Men fall into sin. Why? They lose faith and quit trusting Christ for personal forgiveness. They turn back to sinful conduct. Sin is not an unconscious act. Sin is a wilful act of rebellion and disobedience to God. When faithfulness to Christ is lost, unfaithfulness to Christ is found. Unfaithful men are sinful and wilfully sinful. Not a product of belief and trust in Christ where Grace is found. A defeated life of misery and shame with "wavering faith". Christ gives us something better. It's a connection to the power of God's Grace we are to keep, "without wavering".

God's Grace and mercy is always connected to man "if" (notice I said if) man believes and receives Christ into the heart and soul. God's Grace and mercy is disconnected from the soul when man "loses faith in Christ" or "lets go of Christ". The Bible calls this disconnection grieving the Spirit and/or quenching the Spirit. You must hold on. Can you be reconnected if you let go? Yes. How? When you get every sin forgiven "again" through personal acceptance of the cleansing power that flows from the blood of Jesus Christ that hung on Calvary's tree. Faith in Christ can be lost or let go of. Faith in Christ can be regained. Who wants to go through all of this?

Wouldn't it be a better life to just, "Keep the faith?" Paul said, "Fight the good fight of faith". Paul said, "I have kept the faith". There is no better life than to stay faithful to Christ all the way to Heaven. No faith lost. No faith to regain. The Bible calls this "immovable in the faith". Glory! I get blessed just writing about keeping faith in Christ and in the Bible. They both have shown this writer that nothing can defeat the child of God! Faith in Christ doesn't have to be lost. Stay satisfied with a faithful life connected to Christ in the Spirit. Greater is He in me...than He that's in the world. Isn't joyful? Is this what the Bible means, "Joy unspeakable". Hallelujah!

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