Friday, March 18, 2011

The life of a Christian, after forgiveness is found

What is the life of a Christian "after" Salvation is found? It's a life of accountability to Christ. Every sin is forgiven and the heart is clean and right. The moral make-up is changed. The desire to live right is given. The believer in Christ has "God given power to do right". The soul is redeemed. The soul is regenerated and deemed Eternal Life rather than Eternal Damnation. The conscience is "free" from the guilt of sin. You "know" you have a future hope without doubt.

When forgiveness is found pardon and innocence sweeps through the heart, soul, and body. The believer "knows" that God forgave and pardoned. Inner peace is given and realized when forgiveness from God is granted to the human soul. Trust in the redemptive work of Christ is found and experienced. This experience means so much that the child of God doesn't desire wrongdoing or sinful living anymore. The Spirit life is a God-given life to live out the the life of a Christian. Christians are not Christians because they say they're Christians. Christians are Christians because they've been "morally changed by the Grace of God". Christians act like children of God not children of the Devil.

Christians experience forgiveness in the new birth. Forgiveness is when the life of disobedience and rebellion to God ceases. Forgiveness is the beginning of a new life in Christ. The conduct and character is changed. When forgiveness is found a better life can begin. It's called the life of a child of God. It's a life of victory over sin and right standing with God at all times. It's a life of no more boozing or no more carousing. It's a happy life of peace because Christ gave you peace with God. Peace with yourself, and peace with humanity. No more guilt, no more wrongdoing, and no more dirty living. It's a life given to Christ because you appreciate what Christ did for you personally. You realize that Christ suffered and died for you! You're given to Christ and accountable to Him. This life has meaning, character, and responsibility.

Yes, my Brothers and Sisters this is life "after" forgiveness is found in the person of Christ that saved you. It's a better life than sinful living. It's a better life because you're aware of your standing with Christ today. It's a better life because you have assurance and hope of your inheritance in Heaven. No more question about right standing. No more I think I'm saved. You know! You know! You know! Glory! You're sure because you have. Isn't that beautiful? think about it. It's called victory in Jesus!

P.S...A forgiven and holy life will keep you from running to the alter every week.

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