Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The error of what some people think Sanctification is

Sanctification is not based on what we do. Sanctification is based on what we are. What is man? Man is a sinner by nature; a fallen being; and polluted with sin from birth. Sanctification has nothing to do with the new birth. The new birth only makes men eligible to be sanctified. Sanctification is not a progressive work performed by God as many people think. Sanctification is a completed and final work of the Spirit of God that "removes" the Adamic Nature from the life of a new born Christian. So often people want to believe sanctification is a process. Not so! It's the action of God's Grace that removes the Adamic Nature from the heart of man.

In relation to (2) types of sin (the sinful acts; and the sinful nature) an illustration can be drawn to show the vast difference between regeneration and sanctification. Regeneration is an initial work of the Spirit of God that takes place "after" man is Justified; and declared innocent by God from Heaven. Justification deals with the "acts of sin". Sanctification deals with the sinful nature inherited from the fall of Adam. A child is polluted with the Adamic Nature in the womb of is mother.

Man is rid from all sinful acts when Christ is trusted in and accepted for personal forgiveness found in Salvation that flows from Calvary. Regeneration of the human soul takes place when the new birth is found. The Adamic Nature still exists and tries to rule after regeneration. A regenerated man has power to do right, but the Old Nature still tries to rule. This Old nature that still tries to rule is only dealt with through Sanctification that is an instantaneous experience. The Bible terms this experience as the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. This work of the Spirit of God does not relate to forgiveness of sins it directly relates to the "removal" of the Adamic nature.

The (still existing) Adamic nature cannot be confessed because it is not an act of sin committed by man. The action of man's sins are only dealt with in the power of God's Justification by Grace. The nature of man's sin is dealt with only through the sanctifying power of God's Holy Spirit found in the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire (like on the day of Pentecost). This sanctifying work is not a progressive work but received right on the spot.

The two natures of man (divine and carnal) are not equal. Why? Greater is He in you...The divine nature gives the regenerated soul "power to do right". This God given power is what keeps the child of God from falling short or falling back into sin. Holiness of heart is found here. The Divine nature is the path to receive the sanctifying power of God that "rids" or "removes" the Adamic Nature from the life of a Christian. Sanctification is not a process or gradual separation from worldly things or dying to self. Sanctification takes place when the Indwelling Spirit of God "removes" and "rids" man from Indwelling Sin that still tries to rule a child of God.

The intent of this Blog is to clarify the "error" that many people think Sanctification is. Christians don't live to be Sanctified. Christians get sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost so they can really "live". The struggle of the carnal nature is removed in sanctification. The Old Man is buried and not shown anymore. Sanctification is found and experinced when the Adamic Nature is "destroyed". Read it in Romans 6:6! Don't be caught up in the error of understanding what Sanctification really is.

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